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Learn To Read The Bible Effectively Online Seminar

We are now pleased to introduce the "Learn to Read the Bible Effectively” course. This exciting course is specifically designed for anyone wishing to improve their Bible reading skills and comprehension.
The course includes sixteen video lessons that are viewed online. Each video lesson will include a series of application questions to help you practice and master the Bible reading skills discussed in the video lesson. An on-line correspondent will be assigned to assist with you as a coach on how to use these skills. This course encourages you to go beyond retention of new information. It requires personal analysis and synthesis of Bible passages. We believe these skills are essential to powerful Bible study and that you will find this course to be an outstanding investment of your time.

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If you’d like to learn more, why not watch this short introductory video?

Student Introduction

Seminar Lessons

Here is a list of the lessons included in this video course:

Lesson 1: Background of the Bible
Lesson 2: The Bible Interprets Itself
Lesson 3: Echoes, Signs, Symbols, and Types
Lesson 4: Why Two Testaments?
Lesson 5: Prophecy
Lesson 6: Tips on Reading
Lesson 7: Versions of the Bible
Lesson 8: Using Cross References
Lesson 9: Study Tools
Lesson 10: Finding Spiritual Lessons in Bible Stories
Lesson 11: What is the Gospel Message?
Lesson 12: Understanding Parables
Lesson 13: Epistles and Letters
Lesson 14: Is the Bible Consistent?
Lesson 15: Using Online Bible Tools
Lesson 16: Living a Holy Lifestyle

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