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The Elusive Goal

Lately, it seems as though most of the international news is tragic. With the war that went on in Israel and its effects on the people of Gaza, the situation in Ukraine, and all of the problems connected to the rise of the Islamic State, it could feel as though the world is falling apart. One tragedy happens after another––and as a result, daddy doesn’t come home one night, little brother or sister is put into a sleep from which they will never wake up, and the family is changed forever.  It’s a hardened and stubborn person who isn’t moved by the events that have happened in the last few months and by their impact on those who have had to suffer through them.
And yet, for those of us who have heard about the Kingdom of God, it just makes us long for that time even more. Because it won’t always be this way. 



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This month's survey question:

Do the faithful really go to heaven?
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