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Pembroke Dock

Public Bible talks are held most Sundays at 6.00 p.m. at the Pater Hall, PEMBROKE DOCK. Admission is free and all are warmly welcomed.  Please see below for relevant dates and titles of planned talks, God Willing.


Calendar of Events
  • 26 November,2017 - The thousand year reign of Christ
  • 03 December,2017 - The parables of the Gospel
  • 10 December,2017 - Allenby, Jerusalem and Bible Prophecy
  • 17 December,2017 - The nature of man is condemned
  • 24 December,2017 - Peace on earth - when and how
  • 31 December,2017 - The meaning of the Lord's Prayer
  • 07 January,2018 - The past year in light of Bible Prophecy