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Practical articles about living a godly life.

  Title Description
Christ and Protest Should Christians be involved in protest movements?
Do Christians Need Priests? Do we need any priest in addition to the Lord Jesus Christ himself?
Does God Hear Prayer? How can you make your prayer life powerful?
Getting to Know God How can you develop a close relationship with God?
God our Father Learn about God our Father and how we can become His children.
Homosexuality and the Church What does the Bible teach about homosexuality? Is living a "gay" lifestyle sinful in God's eyes?
Marriage in the Lord Part 1 An overview of the Biblical principles governing courtship and marriage.
Marriage In The Lord Part 2 The second part of the booklet Marriage in the Lord  
The Bible Our Guide Plain Scriptural Teaching for Followers of Christ.
The Christian and Politics Should a Christian participate in the political systems of this world?
The Danger of Cults What is truly a cult?
Tithes: Are They Necessary Today? Are Christians bound to give 10 per-cent?
Why Does God Allow Suffering? Why do terrible things sometimes overtake good people?
Women Priests? Is it Biblically sound for women to be part of the clergy; to be priests and ministers and public preachers?