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How can I successfully study God's word?If you want to come to grips with what the Bible really teaches, why not take one of the free Bible study courses on this website?

These courses will give you a background in the major themes of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. When studying the Bible, it is important to have the "Big Picture" in mind and to become familiar with the teaching of the entire Bible. For example, it is not possible to understand the very first verse of the New Testament without having some knowledge of the Old Testament. Read Matthew 1:1. Who was Abraham and who was David and why are they so important that they are mentioned in the opening words of the New Testament? If you take one of our courses offered on, you will have no problem understanding such verses as Matthew 1:1.

You must also read the Bible daily and systematically. Here are links to two websites which will assist you in this:

Daily Reading Planner: (please click on the title)

Reading Planner with Comments: (please click on the title)

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