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The first step in effective memorization is understanding. If you memorize words without understanding their meaning or context, the words will not stay with you.  To that end, why not take the free Bible study course on this website? You may take this course either online or by regular mail. The course will give you a background in the major themes of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. As with everything we offer, there is no cost to you other than your time and effort. You will also have a personal tutor to whom you may pose questions either from the course itself or those questions which come to you as you read the Bible.

To sign up for the course, go to and click on the “Register” menu item just above the active banner at the top of the home page. Select the course you wish to do and click on “Register now”. Fill in the registration form and submit it. If you sign up for the free online Bible course, you will be able to start immediately.

You need to read the Bible daily and systematically. Here is a website which will help you to do that (please click on the title): Daily Readings

As you read, note verses you would like to memorize in a notebook or on a set of cards that you can carry around with you.  Read them and think about them frequently. You will find that very soon these verses will be imprinted on your memory.

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