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The Bible can be a very real help in this regard. 

Firstly, it is hugely comforting to realize that the situation in the world today was foretold in Bible Prophecy.  Just compare, as one small example, Luke 17:26 and Genesis 6:5,11. God has a plan to heal the earth from the violence and corruption of sinful human activity. It involves the return of Christ to the earth and the establishment of God's kingdom, when, at last, the world will be filled with the Glory of God. [see Numbers 14:21]

Secondly, if we live a life based on the principles of God's word, we will "escape the corruption that is in the world through lust."  [2 Peter 1:4].  Note that Peter is speaking of "The great and precious promises" as the means of escaping the corruption of the world. These promises are only to be understood through the word of God. They give us hope and motivation to stand strong, in God's strength, against the wiles of this evil world.

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