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That is a difficult question on an emotional level but on a scriptural level, it would appear that the answer is clear. We have no indication that those who have not responded to the Gospel, even through no fault of their own, will be raised from the dead to face judgment. Rather, they will remain in the grave. Is it possible that God will act in mercy beyond that which He has revealed to us? Yes, it is possible but we must not presume upon something about which the Word is silent.

When such a tragedy strikes close to home, it is a real trial of faith. We must rest in faith that, as Abraham declared, "Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?" God will indeed do the right thing. If it is the thing we want, then we shall rejoice. If not, then we must know that, in that day, we will be given the insight and understanding to know why things happened the way they did and in that knowledge find peace and joy.

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