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There is no mention of dancing as a normal form of worship in the Bible.  There were celebratory exceptions though where joy and thanksgiving were expressed in dance.  Miriam danced after the Egyptians were destroyed in the Red Sea, Exodus 15:20; Jephthah's daughter greeted him with a dance when he returned home victorious, Judges 11:34; David danced before the LORD in 2 Samuel 6:14; Psalm 150:4 indicates that dance is an acceptable form of praise although it is not clear from this Psalm as to whether it fomed an integral part of regular worship. There is no indication, direct or implied, that dance formed any part of New Testament worship.

As far as "recreational" dancing is concerned, much of what passes for modern dance is an overt expression of sexuality and would not be condoned. However there are many forms of wholesome dancing, usually of the "folk dancing" variety which are just good clean fun and would not violate any principles of Christian behaviour.

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