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How do you write a three-point summary for a mini sermon?

The blind man of Bethsaida.



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A three-point summary should not be that difficult. Use bullets or numbers in your list and be concise.

Here's an example for a talk I once gave on the healing of the blind man of Bethsaida as recorded in Mark 8:22-26.

Devotional - Mark 8:22-26

  1. Bethsaida - fishing village. Means "house of nets" - symbolic of worldly entanglements.
  2. Miracle - 2 stages, physical and cognitive - he had to have his physical issues resolved but also the mental processes, which interpret what we see, needed to be healed as well. This miracle is very much in line with what we know about such cases in modern medicine. [See Dr. Oliver Sack's famous book "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" published in 1985 and still readily available]
  3. Moral lesson - Man told to come out of Bethsaida, the "place of worldly entanglements", before his healing and to not go back afterward. We come to the Lord to have our spiritual sight restored and to leave the world of sin behind. After we come to the Lord, we must not go back to that former life.

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