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Pardon me for being so blunt but this argument is the same one that every disobedient spoiled brat throws in the face of their parents when they don't get their way!

You didn't ask to be born. True enough but as my kids would say, tough bananas. Get over it. You are here so play the hand you are dealt. Just because you didn't ask to be born does not give you the right to whine and complain about problems and issues in life.

We are here to develop character in preparation for the coming Kingdom of God and immortality. Think of this life as "boot camp" which will prepare you for something magnificent and beyond your imagination and petty grievances.

You have free will and have the right to make choices. If you sin, it really IS your fault. Are the murderer's or the robber's parents responsible for his crimes? No. The criminal made choices and suffers the consequences. He didn't ask to be born either. A human court would consider a criminal who made such an argument as foolish and immature but would nevertheless sentence him to suffer the consequences of his evil deeds. I really wouldn't plan on presenting yourself before the Lord Jesus Christ who suffered the indignities of the Cross so that you could have a chance at eternal life with the lame statement, "It's not my fault. I didn't ask to be born."

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