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Mark 5:35  While He was still speaking, some came from the ruler of the synagogue's house who said, "Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the Teacher any further?"

This incident is pretty straightforward. Jesus is going to the home of Jairus, one of the chief men in the local Synagogue in order to heal his daughter. While Jairus is out seeking the Lord, his daughter dies so those of his family and friends who bring him the sad news tell him that it is too late. The daughter, to their minds is past the point where she could be healed so they tell him essentially not to waste Jesus' time. Of course, this healing is not beyond Jesus' power and a great miracle takes place and the girl is brought back from death.

The other miracle in this story has a very interesting possibility.  The woman was healed of a flow of blood which had disabled her and caused her to be an outcast for 12 years [Mark 5:25]. However, note the age of the girl who was healed - 12 years old! [Mark 5:42]. Was this the girl's mother? Had she suffered some kind of damage to her womb at the time of her daughter's birth? Such a continuous flow of blood would have separated her from her community and family as, under the law, she would have been considered to be "unclean".  Jesus healed her on the way to healing the girl. I like to think that not only was the woman healed and the girl brought back to life but that a whole family was "healed" and reunited by our Lord's grace and power.

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