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The "Wave offering" speaks to us of consecration. The word "consecrate” is interesting. The margin of the A.V. gives the true sense, "to fill the hands”, because the service of consecration is a bountiful thing. There is nothing ungenerous about it. It is not something that is given grudgingly, but it must overflow from the fullness of the heart. We do not come to stand before God with nothing to offer, but with full hands, with the best of our works, with the firstfruits of our labours.

The word "firstfruits” associated with the wave offering is especially significant because the idea of consecration takes us back to the offering of the firstfruits of the harvest under the Law. Then Israel were to "fill their hands”, bringing a sheaf of the firstfruits which they were to wave before the Lord for a wave offering, thus consecrating it unto Him. The firstfruits were offered as a part of the whole as a token of the fact that the whole harvest really belonged to God.

So we too must come with full hands, with the best of our works, the first fruits of our labours in token of the fact that we have given our hearts, our all unto the Lord. We have, as it were, offered ourselves as a wave offering unto the Lord and we demonstrate the fact in our daily life.

Cited from: Dudley Fifield, The Christadelphian : Volume 115. 2001, c1978. Christadelphian Magazine & Publishing Association: Birmingham

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