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It is important to realise that belief in God does not guarantee success in business.

God has a bigger plan than our own short term plans. Whilst we may have plans and objectives they will all cease to be of any use to us when we die.

God's plan is to give eternal life to those who serve Him faithfully.

The Bible gives us examples of faithful men who suffered - that is this life did not give them the success that they were looking for. Or that success came after a terribly long time of suffering.

Job is one such example. Joseph, who was sold by his brothers into Egypt is another and the supreme example is Jesus who, in this life had nothing and was persecuted for his faith in his God.

I know what I am saying will sound hard but it does actually reflect what the Bible teaches us.

So if you are involved in a religion which teaches that belief in God will bring monetary prosperity I would urge you to look to Bible based Christianity.

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