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Because the King James Version was written over 400 years ago many words have changed their meaning.  For example, in Psalm 119:147, the Psalmist says (KJV) "I prevented the dawning of the morning." The ordinary modern reader is a bit mystified by his meaning. That's because the word "prevent" has changed its meaning in English. In the days of the translators of the KJV, "prevent" meant "to go before, anticipate, or precede." The RSV correctly translates this verse "I rise before dawn."
So it is with the word "charity."  In the English current when the KJV was written, "charity" meant "love" but more along the lines of the intense good will that should characterize the attitude of  Christian towards his fellow men and women no matter how they treat us. The Greek word translated "charity", "agape", has nothing to do with romantic love.  It is truly a shame that the word "charity" has taken on such a limited meaning in our day and age because it expressed far more precisely the true meaning of "agape" rather than just the general term "love" which all modern versions use to translate the word.
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