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We learn the following from the Pentateuch:

1. The creation was completed in 6 days.

2. The first man Adam was created out of the dust.

3. The first woman Eve was created out of the man.

4. Eve was deceived by the animal reasoning of a serpent.

5. Adam and Eve brought sin and death upon themselves and their descendants by disobedience.

6. God promised a male descendant of a woman who would undo the consequences of the serpent’s deception.

7. The imagination of Adam’s descendants was only evil continually.

8. God flooded the earth to destroy his creation, but saved Noah and his family and a selection of animals alive.

9. God chose Abraham and made promises to him concerning eternal inheritance in the land of Canaan, thus showing that salvation would be by resurrection from the dead.

10. God promised Abraham a ‘seed’ in whom all nations would be blessed.

11. God promised Abraham that his descendants would become a nation.

12. The promises given to Abraham were given also to Isaac, his son and Jacob, his grandson.

13. Jacob had 12 sons and his name was changed to Israel.

14. Jacob and his family went into Egypt and became a nation.

15. God brought them out of Egypt by Moses and made a Covenant with them at Sinai.

16. This Covenant contained God’s Law for righteousness, which if fulfilled would give eternal life. In practice only the promised ‘seed’ would be able to keep the Law and attain to life. All others would need to be redeemed through the promised ‘seed’.

17. Sacrifice was part of the ceremonial law, pointing forward to the sacrifice of the redeemer necessary for the remission of sins.

18. God promised Israel that he would raise them up a prophet like Moses who would speak God’s words unto them.

19. From Sinai God brought them to the border of the land promised to Abraham.

20. They sent 12 spies into the land, 10 of which discouraged the people from going into it.

21. The nation made them a captain to return to Egypt and so God condemned them to wander in the wilderness for 40 years until all of that generation except Joshua and Caleb had died.

22. Before his death Moses prophesied that Israel would do evil in the sight of God and be removed from the land and dispersed amongst the nations. In the last days, however, God will have compassion on them and restore them to their land forever.

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