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Thanks for your question.

Are you saying that when we see an actor such as Peter Sellers in living colour on TV today that he's actually real?  We are seeing a vision and not the reality. It's a vision made up of energy.  Our experience isn't, as you say, produced by our consciousness. That's rather a silly thing to say - do you mean I can produce a new computer because I will it? Our experience is moderated by our consciousness, it is not produced by it.

How about a concrete example: Peter Sellers died on July 24, 1980.  The fact that we see a representation of him on TV, no matter how realistic, doesn't mean he's actually there. In reality, he is corrupting in a grave somewhere [unless he was cremated of course]. 

The disciples saw a vision, which, by definition, is a representation of reality and not the tangible reality itself. Both Moses and Elijah were/are dead and had been for centuries. Jesus appeared with them in a vision. How do we know? Because the Lord told us.  By your definition are the visions John saw in Revelation "real" too - the great red dragon of chapter 12 hurling stars into the earth?  Of course not.

You need to stop dealing in metaphysical nonsense and understand what the Bible is actually saying.

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