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We are not told how long Job’s afflictions lasted. They began following the day when the sons of God (angels Job 38:7) came to present themselves before the Lord.

His afflictions were increased following the second time the sons of God presented themselves.

We are not told the length of time between the meetings.

Nor what time elapsed before Job’s friends decided to visit.

When his friends arrived, it was seven days before they began speaking to him.

The conversation between Job and his three friends, followed by Elihu and God himself could have taken no more than a day; but again, we are not told.

Job’s recounted experience of his treatment by his acquaintances, neighbours and others indicates a longer rather than shorter passage of time.

The friends then had to acquire burnt offerings and bring them to Job before his ordeal was over.

James exhorts on the patience of Job, indicating a longer rather than shorter length of time.

Sadly, none of this answers the question.

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