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The problem here is that the Bible says nothing about a triune God composed of three persons.

This is a false doctrine adopted by the Church as it slid into apostasy in the 4th century AD.

Jesus Christ is not God. - Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

A father cannot be his own son, niether can a son be his own father.

Jesus was promised in the Old Testament, but he did not exist until he was born of Mary.

God cannot die - Jesus really died.

God cannot be tempted to sin - Jesus was born a man and tempted to sin exactly as we are.

If Jesus was God, his temptations would have been a sham.

A smidgeon of common sense is enough to conclude that a person cannot be 100% man and 100% God at the same time - any more than a coin can be 100% gold and 100% silver at the same time.

The whole doctrine is foolishness.

God could not die for our sins, so he did the next best thing.

He fathered a Son with our nature who could sacrifice his life for us.

Where Adam failed through disobedience, Jesus succeeded by obedience – living a sinless life and submitting to a painful death.

He really did lay down his life for us.

Jesus’ death was real because he was born mortal – a fleshly descendent of Abraham and David through his mother.

God (his Father) raised him from the dead because he had never sinned.

At his resurrection God gave him the divine nature – the same nature that is promised to those who believe and obey the gospel and put their faith in him.

The false doctrine that Jesus is God actually belittles his life’s work and the suffering that he endured for us.

May I suggest that you read: Jesus – God the Son or Son of God?

And One God or a Trinity?

If you then have further questions, please ask.

I hope you find this helpful.

God bless,