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The Bible is composed of a collection of scriptures written by some 40 authors over a period of some 1500 years. The writers claim that they wrote by inspiration of God. This is supported by the consistency of the message and the fulfilment in history of a number of prophecies which are contained in the Bible.

  • It consists of two Testaments or Covenants.
  • It describes the purpose of God with the earth.
  • It tells us that God created humanity with freewill so that we can choose to be part of Gods purpose or not.
  • It describes how humanity is estranged from God by disobedience which is called sin. The punishment for sin is eternal death.
  • Out of love for his creatioin God has provided a way of escape from sin and death, which was foretold in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New.
  • He created a Son, Jesus, who though subject to the same temptations as we are, overcame sin and gave his sinless life in sacrifice for those who will believe God.
  • If we want to be part of God’s purpose we must understand, believe and obey the Gospel preached in the New Testament by Jesus Christ and his apostles.
  • If we do this God promises to forgive our sins, raise us from the dead and give us eternal life in the kingdom of God which will be established on this earth at a time appointed by God.

So, we have a choice:

  1. We can ignore the Bible, live our life and die and our death will be eternal.
  2. We can read the Bible carefully with an open mind and believe and obey the Gospel. Then at the appointed time God will raise us from the dead to eternal life in his kingdom.

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