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How do we change our lives?

There are several steps involved:

1. We must understand and believe the Gospel preached by Jesus Christ and his apostles.

  • Mark 16:15
  • John 20:31
  • 2 Timothy 3:16,17

2. We must recognise our sinfulness and repent i.e. change the way that we organise our lives.

  • Mark 6:12
  • Acts 3:19

3. We must be baptised by immersion in water for the forgiveness of our past sins.

  • Acts 2:38
  • Acts 8:36, 37
  • Acts 22:16

4. We must live our lives by Jesus’ commandments as recorded in the New Testament.

  • John 15:13
  • Romans 6:4
  • James 1:22

After baptism we cannot live a sinless life, but providing we are making a conscious effort to obey Jesus’ commandments, the sins which we commit through weakness will be forgiven by confession in prayer. 1 John 1:7

There is no short cut to changing our lives – we must make ourselves familiar with the Gospel and Jesus’ commandments and obey them. Luke 6:46

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