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Are Jesus and God the same person?

Jesus is the Son of God, conceived in the womb of Mary. Luke 1:26-35: Matthew 3:17

  • God is immortal and cannot die.
  • Jesus was born mortal and died.
  • Jesus’ will was different to God’s will. Luke 22:42
  • God knows things that Jesus doesn’t.. For example, the day of his return. Mark 13:32
  • After his millennial reign Jesus will be subject to God. 1 Corinthians 15:28
  • Jesus ascended to heaven to sit at God’s right hand. John 20:17; Luke 22:69
  • Jesus is the mediator between God and man. Galatians 3:20; 1 Timothy 2:5

All of this should prove conclusively that Jesus is not God. Jesus is the Son of God – Father and Son cannot be the same person. Neither can God be "three persons in one" as is falsely and illogically claimed by Trinitarians.

I hope this helps.

God bless,