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The "dominion" of mankind on the earth has been misinterpreted.  Many have thought that this privilige from God can justify unbridled greed and exploitation of the earth's resources. Nothing could be further from the truth!
In Genesis 1:26 the word is indeed to dominate and essentially means that mankind would be at the top of the heap as far as creatures on this planet are concerned. We get an idea of how we were supposed to exercise that superiority in Genesis 2:15 when God put Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.  Their task was to "tend it and to keep it."  The word "tend" in Hebrew means to work as a servant, to lovingly care for the garden and the plants and animals in it.  In English we get our word "tender" from this word to "tend".  They were to exercise their dominion with tender loving care as a devoted servant of God's creation.  The word "keep" in this verse means to "protect" and "guard" or "pay close attention" to.  This is a wonderful combination and illustrates what God meant in Genesis 1 by "dominion".  Mankind is to lovingly serve the planet and stand guard over it and protect it.  It is so sad that we have fallen so short of this Divine mandate. Indeed, because of human greed and corruption, we have come to the point where the entire ecosystem of the planet is at risk.
The good news is that God will soon intervene to save us and our planet.  He will do this by eliminating all that is evil and filling the earth with a population of immortalized humans who will indeed "tend and keep" the planet as He intended from the beginning.
When Jesus comes, we are told that he will destroy the destroyers of the earth.  That time is almost upon us.  Are you ready?  Here is some information from the website which you will find useful:
The Kingdom of God on Earth (Click the title)
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