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Modern Jewish scholars essentially have no idea about the origin of the "Star of David."  Many fanciful explanation are made up about its origin but no one knows with any certainty where it came from.  The most common explanation of its meaning is that the points represent the 6 directions: North, South, East, West, Up, and Down.  This implies that God is master of the universe.  So they say.

There is no indication in scripture that David ever used such a symbol.  In fact the only reference to a star being used as a religious symbol is in Acts 7:43 in which Stephen chastises his Jewish persecutors' ancestors for adopting the "star of your god, Remphan."  Remphan is another term for the vile Canaanite idol, Moloch.  Wouldn't it be ironic if this "star of David" is really a symbol of one of the most detestable idols in the pantheon of folly recorded in the Bible? 

Personally, I do not use the "Star of David" because it is almost certainly pagan having its origin in the occult practices  of perhaps the most disgusting of  idols.

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