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Adam disobeyed God for the same reason that we do.  We have a choice, to obey God or choose that which is evil. Adam made his choice between God and staying with Eve.  Eve made the choice to believe God or the lie of the serpent. She fell for the lie. The short answer is sin is our fault.  Adam had free will as do we. Adam, as we do, misused that privilege and chose to disobey God.

James says that God cannot be tempted with evil neither does he tempt anyone. If sin were going to come into the world, it was not going to be God's fault. Besides, we needed to have a record of what the world's potential for good and peace and beauty once was. God did that in Eden and we have been trying to get back to that ever since. All of mankind's attempts to do that on their own have failed miserably. We believe that God will bring us back to the state Eden was in before the fall of Adam and Eve when he sends Jesus back to set up the Kingdom.

If God created a world full of evil to begin with then there would be no standard against which to measure sinfulness. We could argue that sin is God's fault and not ours. As it is, the blame falls squarely on us where it belongs. That's why we appreciate God's love and the great Hope He has given us. He is willing to save us from ourselves even though, really, we don't deserve it

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