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Thank you very much for your thoughtful question.
The comparison of Jesus as a "commander" was meant in a very limited sense.  That is to say, it is incongrous for folk calling themselves "Christian" to not follow the teaching of Christ.  The military metaphor was unfortunate if not downright ironic in that Christadelphians, the sponsors of the site, are conscientious objectors to military service!
The ideal of leadership exemplified in the life of Jesus is not one of a tyrant barking out orders but rather of loving and self-sacrificing service on behalf of others. Jesus became a great leader because he stood up fearlessly to hypocrisy and the abuse of power and because his teaching cut to the core of the meaning of the Bible.  People followed him because of his teaching and the power of his example. He showed his courage in that he persisted in his mission even when virtually all of these followers forsook him in his final hour of trial.
John 14:15 does indeed say, in some versions, "obey my commands", which, I agree, conveys a sense of unreasoning obedience to a "barked" order. However, the original Greek of the New Testament can convey another sense to that phrase. A viable alternative rendering would be, "If you love me, cherish my teaching." Our obedience is a choice and not the result of coercion.
Having said that, we part company on the basis of your lack of "faith" in Jesus as the Messiah. We do believe that Jesus, although a man whose existence as a sentient being began with his birth and continues now at the "right hand" of his Father, will indeed soon return to the earth to establish his Father's Kingdom.
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