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Revelation 1:4 SEVEN SPIRITS: 7 archangels (Rev 4:5; 5:6; Zec 3:9; 4:10; Eze 1:18,20). Note 7-fold Spirit in Isa 11:2; 1Co 12:29,30. The perfection of Holy Spirit manifested through the angels (Rev 5:6; 8:2).


Revelation 2:7 PARADISE: This is a Persian word for a garden which the Holy Land -- the special inheritance of the saints -- will become -- cp Isa 51:3. So this is the "Garden of God". The Persian word actually means an enclosed park or garden.  There can be other enclosed gardens or parks but this will be "of God" and so spectacularly superior to all others.


Revelation 3:21 MY THRONE: In Jerusalem. HIS THRONE: In heaven. Jesus is referring to his throne when he comes which shall be situated in Jerusalem and comparing our relationship with him to his current relationship to his Heavenly Father.


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