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Nothing worthwhile in life is easy! However, I have some not-so-easy but very effective, methods to suggest to you.  In order to study the Bible and remember what you study, you should have in your mind an overview of the central themes of the Bible. This way, you will be able to fit the teaching of any particular passage into the overall context of Bible teaching.

If you want to come to grips with what the Bible really teaches, why not take the free Bible study course on You may take this course either online or by regular mail.


This course will give you a background in the major themes of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. As with everything we offer, there is no cost to you other than your time and effort. You will also have a personal tutor to whom you may pose questions either from the course itself or those questions which come to you as you read the Bible.

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2. Click on the “Register” menu item just under the “Learn about your Bible with us” banner.
3.  Select the course you wish to do and click on “Register now”.
 4. Follow the prompts and fill in the information on the form as the fields appear.  You will automatically be assigned a tutor to assist you in your studies.
To become familiar with the Bible, you should read it prayerfully and systematically every day. Here is a link to a website that will assist you in doing this: Daily Readings:

Rest assured that the course and all of our materials are entirely free, except for your time and effort in completing the course and reading the information.
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