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Can you explain Roman 12:14-21?

Romans 12:14  Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. Persecute means to harass or trouble. In Christ we are not to retaliate or resort to foul language when we are harassed or troubled by others. We are to obey Christ’s commandment and ...  

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Should I only have to pray for something once?

(click on the references to view them) Faith is dependent on what we believe. Our baptism is validated, not by who baptises us, but what we believe when we are baptised. God must be worshipped in both spirit and truth: John 4:24 It is the truth which makes us free...  

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Can you explain Luke 23:53-54?

Luke 23:53-56  Then he took it [i.e. the body of Jesus] down, wrapped it in linen, and laid it in a tomb that was hewn out of the rock, where no one had ever lain before. 54  That day was the Preparation, and the Sabbath drew near. 55  And the women wh...  

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How do I teach others about this "untoward generation"?

How do I teach others about the untoward Generation? By the way, most other translations translate the Greek word which the KJV translates as "untoward" as "crooked". We live in the midst of "a crooked generation." (Acts 2:40). Acts 2:37 ...  

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