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The story to which you refer is that of Joseph. You may find this story in Genesis chapter 30 through to the end of the book. 

Read the story as a wonderful foreshadowing of the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

  1. Joseph was beloved of his father, Jacob,
  2. He was hated by his brothers. 
  3. His brothers put him in a pit and sold him into Egypt [the land of death]
  4. There he rose to glory at the right hand of the King, Pharaoh. 
  5. Joseph's brothers eventually came to Egypt looking for food because of a famine in the promised land.  They did not recognize Joseph at their first meeting but did so at their second encounter with him just as the Jews will recognize Jesus as their saviour at his second coming. 
  6. They were then brought into his kingdom and saved.

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