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Here is an excerpt from an online Christadelphian commentary on Jude:

Jude 1:6 - Echoes once again of Israel in the wilderness (Exodus 14:11; 15:24; 16:2; 17:2,3; Numbers 11:1-6; 14:2,8,11; 16:41; 20:2; 21:5; Deuteronomy 1:27, LXX (Septuagint Greek Version of the Old Testament); 9:7; Joshua 9:18; Psalm 106:25; 1Corinthians 10:10; John 6:41,43), and especially of Korah's rebellion (Numbers 16:11). That graphic Greek word "complainers" describes men who are not satisfied with their own lot. And since "their mouth" (their spokesman) speaks "great swelling words" (used about Daniel in Dan 5:12, LXX), after the manner of the Judaistic "Satan" who was such a thorn in the flesh to Paul (2Corinthians 11:13-15,22..), this further allusion to Korah (following on v 11) comes in very appropriately. As also does the final phrase: "having men's persons in admiration because of advantage" -- those who deliberately sought to work mischief in the early ecclesias found that it paid to parade the high qualification of rabbinic education and scholarship which their leaders had.

Paul's counter to such men was a warning against "fables and endless genealogies... profane and old wives' fables... profane and vain babblings... Jewish fables and commandments of men" (1Titus 1:4; 4:7; 2Timothy 2:16; Titus 1:14). But Jude had other methods, as v 14 clearly shows: even their Jewish fables denounce them.

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