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The book of Genesis is about "Beginnings". Indeed, that's what the word "Genesis" actually means. 

The book of Genesis speaks of:

  • the creation of the earth and humankind.
  • the entry of sin and death into the world
  • the first promise of redemption.
  • the depravity of human society which is destroyed in the flood with only Noah and his family escaping in the ark of safety.
  • the development of the nation of Israel
  • the great promises to be fulfilled at the return of Christ, promises made to Abraham and confirmed to Isaac and Jacob.
  • the story of Joseph, one of Jacob's sons who became a pre-eminent type or foreshadowing of the Lord Jesus Christ: He was beloved of his Father, hated by his brothers, sold into the land of death [Egypt], but rose to sit at the right hand of Pharaoh. He then delivered his brethren from death and welcomed his family into his kingdom. This is a remarkable outline of the work of the Lord himself.

Read yourself rich. Read the book of Genesis in one sitting. You will learn a lot!

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