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Genesis is the first book of the Bible. It means "beginning", it's name being taken from its first verse, "In the beginning, God created...."

Without understanding the principles brought to light in the book of Genesis, one cannot understand the Bible. 

  1. God is revealed as the creator of all things
  2. Humans, male and female, are made in His image
  3. The processes of sin and death and redemption are brought to light in chapter 3 and especially 3:15 in the promise of the "seed of the woman" who will deal a mortal blow to the "seed of the serpent" - sin.
  4. The world-wide judgement of God starting in chapter 6 - the ark as a type or foreshadowing of the saving work of Jesus and the destruction of the world of the ungodly - all are picked up as a warning to Jesus for our generation.
  5. The story of Abraham and the promises so important in the new testament. See Galatians 3:27-29
  6. The beginnings of the nation of Israel
  7. The elaborate story of Joseph who is type - in detail - of the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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