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"Thanks For the Reply.. And i have Another Answer.. Someone Told me like this.. -: I like Satan because he gives the life to God. Without Satan God can not survive and he become useless. I think God must be owe to Satan because that is why he do nothing to Satan. If the world become free from Satan no one wants to protect from God. And He become a police men who has gone pension... I goes So angry Hearing this.. And i Answered him It's Because We need to Know there is Something called Sin. But I need answer him more and describe.. Please Send me Nice clearing for him.. Thanks sasith from sri lanka."

Your friend's statement is ridiculous. Ask him how he knows this. What basis does he have for his statement other than his own silly imagination?

He says that God has done nothing to "Satan".... first of all his idea of Satan/Devil is entirely wrong.  God has already destroyed the Devil on the cross and His plan, which is rapidly coming to a final fulfillment, is to eradicate the "Devil and Satan" completely and [see Numbers 14:21] to fill the earth with His glory. This is not "doing nothing"!

His plan has been implemented since Eden. It may be slow in it's outworking by our perception of time but not so with God for whom, as Peter tells us in 2 Peter 3, one days is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. In other words, time is irrelevant to God and, one day, by His grace, time will also be irrelevant to us as we will be granted immortality like Jesus.

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Do You Believe in a Devil?

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