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The Bible does not tell us when or where Mary died. Church tradition records that the Apostle John took her with him to Ephesus and she was buried there.

Many hundreds of years later a legend started to be told in the church about the ‘Assumption of Mary’ - that Mary’s body went up into heaven in the same way as Christ’s.This is nonsense.

John, who looked after Mary until her death, probably wrote the Gospel of John late in the 1st Century when Mary would have been nearly 100 years old if she were still alive (and in those days very few people lived to such an age). He records in John 3:13 that "no man has ascended into heaven". This statement includes Mary.

Likewise Paul says that each will be made alive "in their own order"  (1Corinthians 15:23). First Christ was made alive, then "when he comes" those, such as Mary, who belong to him will also be made alive - but not until then.

Paul was teaching about resurrection to eternal life with Jesus in God’s kingdom on earth, which is what the Bible teaches as the only hope for life after death. The Bible does not teach, not once, that people go to heaven when they die.

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