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There is only one God who created all things by His spirit.

Here is a list of scriptural passages which allude to God's omnipotent role in creation:

Exo_20:11, Exo_31:18; 1Ch_16:26; Neh_9:6; Job_26:13, Job_38:4; Psa_8:3, Psa_33:6, Psa_33:9; Psa_89:11-12, Psa_96:5, Psa_102:25, Psa_104:24, Psa_104:30, Psa_115:15, Psa_121:2, Psa_124:8, Psa_134:3; Psa_136:5, Psa_146:6, Psa_148:4-5; Pro_3:19, Pro_8:22-30; Ecc_12:1; Isa_37:16, Isa_40:26; Isa_40:28, Isa_42:5, Isa_44:24, Isa_45:18, Isa_51:13, Isa_51:16, Isa_65:17; Jer_10:12, Jer_32:17; Jer_51:15; Zec_12:1; Mat_11:25; Act_4:24, Act_14:15, Act_17:24; Rom_1:19-20; Rom_11:36; 1Co_8:6; Eph_3:9; Col_1:16-17; Heb_1:2, Heb_3:4, Heb_11:3; 2Pe_3:5; Rev_3:14, Rev_4:11, Rev_10:6, Rev_14:7, Rev_21:6, Rev_22:13

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