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Nowhere is it written that the sprinkling of babies is the equivalent of baptism.  The very word "baptism" is taken from the Greek of the New Testament, "baptizo" and it literally means "to dip" or "to plunge" - i.e. to submerge.  It is taken from the ancient dyeing industry where, in order to change its colour, a garment would have to be completely submerged in the vat of dye.  

To sprinkle is an entirely different Greek word, "rhantizo".  If sprinkling were the correct word then we would be commanded to be "rhantized" not "baptized". 
In any case, sprinkling completely defeats the symbolic meaning of baptism.  In baptism, we choose to symbolically die with Christ (see Romans chapter 6) and are raised with him to newness of life.  The baptism by immersion of a person who has come to an age where they can make a decision to follow Christ completely fulfills this symbol. The sprinkling of babies makes a mockery of it.
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