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There are 2 people named Jesus in the Bible.  The first one is, of course, the Lord Jesus Christ.  The second is a companion of the apostle Paul (see Colossians 4:11).

"Jesus" is the Greek form of the Hebrew name "Joshua".  In the Old Testament there are 4 characters named "Joshua". There is Joshua, the successor to Moses who led the people of Israel into the promised land (see the book of Joshua); Joshua of Bethshemesh, who lived in the days of Samuel (see 1 Samuel 6:14-18); Joshua, the governor of Jerusalem in the reign of Josiah (see 2 Kings 23:8); Joshua the High Priest during the time of Nehemia (Haggai 1:1,12; 2:2,4; Zechariah 3:1-9; 6:11)

So, if you count the name "Joshua" as being equivalent to "Jesus", then there are 6 people named Joshua/Jesus in the Bible.

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