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How do I find scriptures to support what I'm talking about?

You need a Bible App with a word/phrase search facility.

For a PC I use the Online Bible which is free from here: Although it is called the ‘Online Bible’ it is a program which is downloaded to work on a PC. 

Another excellent app for a PC is E-Sword it has excellent free Bibles and also various ad-ons such as Bible Dictionaries and Commentaries which may be purchased Like the Onlinebible, it has excellent search features as well which are included in the free basic version.

There are other Bible apps with search facilities for mobiles and tablets available elsewhere. They are not all free. I use the Mantis which is not cheap but works well. Other people use the 'You Version' Bible program. You may download it here:  it works really well on a phone or tablet.

If you use a version which is keyed to Strong’s Concordance you can search also using the Hebrew and Greek Strong’s numbers.

I hope you find this helpful.
God bless,