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Why is it significant that Jesus birth was foretold hundreds of years before it happened?

Fulfilled prophecy is the proof that the scriptures which make up the Bible are the inspired word of God that the New Testament writers claim them to be.

  • Luke 1:70
  • Acts 1:16
  • Acts 3:18
  • 2 Timothy 3:16
  • 2 Peter 1:20

Only God can foresee the future.

Jesus Christ is the person upon whom the whole of the purpose of God with man depends. Without his sinless life and sacrifice there could be no remission of sin. Adam, by his disobedience brought sin and death upon himself and his descendants. As Paul explains:

  • Romans 5:12
  • Romans 5:17-19

The prophecies of God providing a redeemer were essential to provide a firm basis of hope for the faithful for 4000 years. It began in Genesis with God's promise of a seed of the woman who would bruise the head of the serpent. - meaning that the consequences of the serpent's deception of Eve would be undone.

  • Genesis 3:15

God promised Abraham a seed in whom all nations would be blessed.

  • Genesis 22:18

God promised David a seed whose kingdom would be established forever.

  • 1 Chronicles 17:14

Jesus was a descendant of both Abraham and David.

  • Matthew 1:1

In order to take away sins the one promised would be rejected by his people and put to death.

  • Isaiah 53:3-9

Details surrounding his death were prophesied:

  • Psalms 22:18

But his death wouldn’t be the end – he would be restored to life:

  • Isaiah 53:10-11
  • Psalms 16:10

After being restored to life he would ascend to heaven for a period of time.

  • Psalms 110:1

The accuracy of the prophecies concerning his first advent give us confidence that he will return to establish the kingdom of God in due time.

  • Acts 17:30,31

Jesus instructed his apostles:

  • Mark 16:15,16

The apostle John writes:

  • John 20:31

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