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Thanks for your question.
The short answer is "Definitely NOT agreed!"
The fact that you would use this passage from the Gospel of John (John 14:16-17) indicates that you consider it to be a teaching sent from God.  Therefore, if it can be shown that your interpretation is incorrect, you must, to be consistent, change your belief about the prophet Muhammed. 
The problem you face with using this passage is that the Bible does not anywhere indicate that the "Comforter" will be a human being.  Rather the opposite is  true.  The Comforter is clearly identified as the "Spirit of Truth" (John 14:17).  Muhammed was a person and not a "spirit" and thus cannot be the Paraklete. 
This passage also says that "the world cannot receive" this spirit.  However, Muhammed was not only received by the world, he founded a great empire.
These two reasons are sufficient to prove that Muhammed is not the Comforter or "Parakletos". This being the case and you have indicated that you accept that this passage is inspired by God, then, to be consistent, you must change your belief about Muhammed. Agreed?