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What do the words

What do these words mean in Hebrew? Are they the same as in English?

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The Hebrew word for fair is "yapheh" This is it's definition from the Theological Word Book of the Old Testament:

Esthetically, yapeh denotes ‘beauty as to outward appearance,’ e.g. Genesis 12:14 regarding Sarah, ‘When Abraham came to Egypt, the Egyptians saw that the woman was very ‘beautiful’.’ In the case of Rachel, {Genesis 29:17} ‘She’was beautiful and lovely’ (Heb yepat to’ar wîpat mar’eh, literally ‘beautiful in form and beautiful to look upon’). Cf. Song of Solomon 7:6; 2 Samuel 13:1 of Tamar; 1 Kings 1:3,4 of Abishag the Shunammite.

Beautiful means beauty of face, the same phrase, fair and beautiful, being used of Rachel in Genesis 29:17.  More importantly it describes her character. She was as beautiful in her character as she was in her face and figure.


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