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1 Corinthians 6:19 please explain.

How does the Holy Spirit live in me?

2 Corinthians 4:18 - Meaning?

Explain what are temporal and eternal things.

2 Samuel 6:5, what is a 'Sistrum'?


24-Hour Days in Genesis 1?

What exactly were the time periods in the Creation narrative?

Abimelech - Judge or not?

Is Abimelech a judge or not?

About over eating? About over eating?
Abraham had how many wives?

Did he have wives other than Sarah?

Abraham in Ur of the Chaldees.

Do you have information on Abraham before he was called by God out of the land of his birth?

Acts 10. What happened to Peter?

Acts 10: Peter and the first Gentile converts.

Adam's first wife?

"in Genesis 1 a male and female were created. Eve appears in chapter 2 so then who was the first female?"

After Cain killed his brother who was he afraid would catch him and kill him?
Were not Cain and Abel and their parents the only living humans at that time?
Aliens from the commonwealth of Israel...?

For we are all aliens of the commonwealth of Israel... where is this qoute?

Am Kevin ogada from Kenya. Kenya is one of the country who need God More,and I was praying from Cath "Am Kevin ogada from Kenya. Kenya is one of the country who need God More,and I was praying from Catholic Church, but I realized that Catholic are cheeting people by using marry the mother of Jesus to ask for their problems So I found it not right to do so and I left Catholic, when I was going through Facebook I saw your post about the word of God and I was so interested ???? to get in touch ???? with you. My question is ,do you have anypartner hare in Kenya? I'm able to send me somebody who can help me know more about God? Thank you and may the Lord bless the work of your hand"
And how can I get the Bible to help me study Bible, I lack the Bilble "And how can I get the Bible to help me study Bible, I lack the Bilble"
Angels which kept not their first estate?

And the angels which kept not their first estate... What is this referring to?

Apocrypha and The Bible

Is the Apocrypha a legitimate part of the Bible?

Apple Tree in Eden?

Was the forbidden fruit in Eden an apple?

Are men better than angels?

What is our relative status to angels?

Are Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego Babylonian names?

If so, what are their Hebrew names?

Are the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit one?

Is the doctrine of the Trinity true?

Are there any other books which are missing in the Bible besides the book of Enoch?

Is the Bible we have today incomplete?

Are there different levels of sin?

What is sin and how do we judge its severity?

Are visions real?

How can we say that when anyone sees a vision that the objects of that vision are not 'real'?


What does the word ascension mean?


David sinned with Batysheba. Who was she?

Blood transfusions?

Are Christians allowed blood transfusions?

Briefly, what can we learn from the Pentateuch?

Is it possible to summarize the teaching of the first five books of the Bible?

Can angels marry?

Are angels able to mate with humans?

Can man change the mind of God?

How can we influence God?

can someone go to heaven without experiencing death? if no then what about "Enoch " "can someone go to heaven without experiencing death? if no then what about "Enoch ""
Can we become angels?

What will we be like after the resurrection?

Can we see angels in the street and not know it?

Do angels walk among us?

Can you explain John 14:12?

Can we do greater worsk than Christ?

Can you explain Luke 12:47?

What does being beaten with few or many stripes mean?

Can you explain Matthew 4:4?

Man shall not live by bread alone...

Can you explain Matthew 5:43-47?

Are we not allowed to resist wrong-doers?

Can you explain the light in Genesis 1:3?

How could there be light and evening and morning on day 1 of creation with no sun and moon until day 4?

Can you give a summary of the ten commandments?

What are the key points of the ten commandments?

Can you give me some insight about Daniel?

What can you tell me about the man and his prophecy?

Can you go to heaven if you do not lead someone to Christ?

Does anyone go to heaven?

can you intellectually learn about perverse behavior or is this a way to secretly obverse sinful acs "can you intellectually learn about perverse behavior or is this a way to secretly obverse sinful acs?"
Can you please explain Joel 2:28-32?

When was Joel 2:28-32 fulfilled?

Can you please explain Revelation 19?

When will it be fulfilled?

Cannibalism in the Old Testament

Ezekiel 5:10 and also  Deuteronomy 28:53 and Cannibalism.

Ceremonial Law (Ex. 34:27).

What is meant by the term "Ceremonial Law"?

Christ and the flood

Did Christ witness to those who died during the flood?

Christ's Suffering

Why didn't God make Jesus' experience on the cross painless?

Christening Jesus

Was Jesus christened as a baby?

Christians and Jews, same or different?

Are christians adopted into the jewish faith? 

Clarify Joshua 1:8

Could you please explain Joshua 1:8?

Comment on Ephesians 1:13-20

What does it mean to be sealed with the Holy Spirit?

Comment on reçoit le Saint Esprit "Comment on reçoit le Saint Esprit"
Could you please explain 1Thessalonians 4:13-18?

Could you please explain 1Thessalonians 4:13-18 but especially v.17?

Daniel and Revelation

Are the books of Daniel and Revelation connected?

Definition of the grace of God

What is grace?

Did a rock follow Israel in the wilderness?

Did a rock follow Israel in the desert and was that rock Jesus?

Did God allow sin in Eden?

Did God allow sin to happen since He knows the future? Why?

Did God bless Solomon because he asked for wisdom?
Or was he blessed because he asked for wisdom to rule God's people effectively?
Did God forsake Jesus?

Did the Father forsake Jesus at the cross?

Did Herod order the murder of boy babies at the time of Jesus' birth?
Why would he do such a thing? 
Did jesus drink water when he fasted?

Did he totally go without any nourishment?

Did Jesus go to school as a child?

Did Jesus have any "formal" education?

Did Jesus have a sense of humour?

Did Jesus life and experience lend itself to humour?

Did Jesus have brothers and sisters?

Who were the members of Jesus' family?

Did Jesus have temptations?

Did Jesus have temptations? Were they real?

did Jesus nail on a cross or a stake .should we wear a cross in a gold chain around our neck . shou "did Jesus nail on a cross or a stake .should we wear a cross in a gold chain around our neck . should we have a cross on front of a church"
Did Judas know he would betray Jesus?

Did judas iscariot know he would betray jesus before Jesus told him?

Did Judas sin when he betrayed Jesus?

Was Judas truly responsible for his actions? Did he really sin?

Did Paul see Jesus?

How personal was Paul's relationship to Jesus?

Did the children of Israel and Joshua conquer the land they were supposed to inherit?

How can we reconcile God's commandment to Israel to conquer and occupy the land and the fact thatr they did not do so?

Did the israelites conquer all the land or part of it?

The bible in some verses says the land was conquered and occupied while in cetain places it also says they did not. What is the explanation of this apparent contradiction?

Did the Israelites destroy the Amalekites?

Did Moses, Joshua, Aaron, and Hur destroy the Amalekites during the Exodus?

Do Genesis and Revelation have the same meaning?

What is the relationship between Genesis and Revelation?

Do ghosts exist?

Is there life after death?

Do people have to dress up to go to church?

What is acceptable in terms of our personal presentation within our congregation?

Do problems always come with faith?

Can Christians live a stress-free life?

Does Babylon still exist?

Can you go and visit the real city of Babylon?  Does "Babylon" have a symbolic meaning in the Bible?
Does charity begin at home and not abroad?

Should charity be limited to "our own"?

Does God mean to destroy the earth?

What will happen to planet earth in the end?

Does God update His revealed will with or through new discoveries? Also, does God change His writ "Does God update His revealed will with or through new discoveries? Also, does God change His written will with or through changing culture? I'm asking this because in Paul's day God clearly condoned slavery in Ephesians 6:5,9, and fundamentalist Christians who take a literal interpretation of the scriptures use this verse to justify white racism even today."
Does God want us to seek and find?

What should we seek above all else?

Does Jesus not know the precise time of his own return?

Does Jesus know the day and hour when he will return?

Does the anti-Christ go into hiding for two years then re-appear?

Who or what is the anti-Christ?

Does the Bible record Jesus as actually eating food?

Was he sustained by spirit alone?

Does the Holy Spirit live on earth today?

The Holy Spirit and the spirit of holiness.

Efficient Bible Study

What's the best way to study the Bible?

Elaborate on John 1 please.

The Word made flesh!

End Time

Are we living in the end times prophesied in the book of Revelation?

Exactly what is meant by 'they do not know what they do'?

Why did Jesus say this? Surely they knew what they were doing!

Exodus 22:18 What is Sorcery?

Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch (NKJV sorceress) to live. 

Explain 1 Corinthians 2:11

What is spiritual warfare?

Explain 1 Corinthians 5:1-5.

Please emphasize verse 5 in your explanation.

Explain 1 Corinthians chapter 15

Life and death; Judgment and eternal life.

Explain 1 John 1:9 and Romans 8:1


Explain 1 Peter 3:19,20 - the Spirits in prison?

Explain Colossian 2:1-10

Beware of vain philosophy. Christ has revealed his Father to us!

Explain Ephesians 1:21

Who is above every name and all worldly power?

Explain Ephesians 3:1 and 13

Paul's suffering for our good.

Explain Genesis 1:26

What does it meant to "have dominion"?

Explain Hades and where I can find it in the Bible

Hades, hell, and the grave.

Explain Isaiah 11:1-5

Who is the branch out of the root of Jesse?

Explain James 5:16 please.

Healing or forgiveness?

Explain Jeremiah 25:17

Drinking the cup of the wrath of the LORD.

Explain John 21:23

Did Jesus say that the apostle John would not die?

Explain Joshua 1:6-9
What do we learn from God's instruction to Joshua regarding His word?
Explain Luke 17:37.

Eagles? Vultures? What does this passage mean?

Explain Mark 5:35

Faith in the face of death.

Explain Mark 6:31

Jesus and  the disciples mourn for John the Baptist.

Explain Matthew 24 Signs and the Fig Tree.

Signs of the nearness of the Lord's return.

Explain Philippians 4v7.

What is the peace of God?

Explain Proverbs 24:27

What does Proverbs 24:27 mean?

Explain Psalm 119:50

The life-giving, comforting, strengthening word of God.

Explain Psalm 11:7

Has anyone seen God's face?

Explain Psalm 29:1,2

How must we worship the LORD?

Explain Romans 11:33-34 and Isaiah 40:28

The mind and boundless energy of God.

Explain the different angels in the Bible.

How is Jesus is superior to the angels inthe book of Hebrews?

Explain the meaning of the gates in Nehemiah chapter 3

Rise up and build!

Explain the parable of the ten talents.

How do we use our God-given talents?

Explain the phrase "The King's highway".

Major trade route in the Holy Land.

Explain wrestling with God in Genesis 32:22-32


Explanation of Hosea 10:12

Cultivate your spiritual life!

Explication de Genèse 3:15 "Explication de Genèse 3:15"
Facts on Ehud

Ehud, Judge of Israel.

Faith of a mustard seed?

What does Matthew 17:20 mean?

For whom is the course intended?

Is the course for "reverends" or "preachers" or can anyone take it?

From what mountain did Moses view the promised land?

Moses views the promised land from Mount Nebo.

From which website can we download a Bible?

Bible download websites.

From whom does the Bible say the Black race descended?

Did they come from one of the sons of Noah?

Gemology and the Bible?

The Bible and precious stones.

Generational curses - the same as the curse of the law?

The law of Moses and the curse of sin.

Genesis 17:23?

Is Ishmael a legitmate son of Abraham?

Genesis 9:22 Ham and Noah

Did Ham just see his father's nakedness or did he do worse?

God exalted Jesus' name above the Bible or the Bible above Jesus' name. Which one is true?
Is anything or anyone exalted above God's word?
Gold and eyesalve in Revelation 3:18

Faith and spiritual vision.

Good Eve My dear Brethren in Christ Can I request for the detailed explanation of Matthew 25 thank y "Good Eve My dear Brethren in Christ Can I request for the detailed explanation of Matthew 25 thank you very much and God bless"
Goodness, what is it?

What is the "goodness" of God?


Where is the Land of Goshen?

Heaven in the Bible?

What is "Heaven" in the Bible?

Hebrews 11:1

What does the word substance mean?

Hi Alicia, I will like to know about the book of Matthew 1,2,3 every questions and answers I appreci "Hi Alicia, I will like to know about the book of Matthew 1,2,3 every questions and answers I appreciate it whole lot thank you and God bless."
Hosea 2:4,5

Do children suffer for the sins of the parents?

How am I going to be saved?

Salvation, resurrection, and eternal life.

How are praise and worship different?

Worshipping God in spirit and in truth!

How big were giants in the Bible?

Were Bible giants truly huge?

How can a child understand the word of God?

Sunday School resources.

How can I be born again?

Belief, repentance, baptism, and salvation.

How can I be saved and get to heaven?


How can I become a better person?

What does the Bible say I have to do to be a better servant of the Lord?

How can I get to know God better?

Knowing God iin His word, prayer and loving service.

How can I go through the bible in a year of daily readings?

Daily reading E-mails and online commentary.

How can I learn about all of the bible personalities?

 I would like to learn more about Peter, Paul, Abraham and all of the Mary's.

How can I prove Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 BC and not 607 BC?

When was Jerusalem destroyed by the Babylonians?

How can I sign up for Bible course?

Study the Bible online or by mail.

How can I sucessfully study God's word?

Study online or by mail.

How can I understand the parables?

Understanding through reading and study.

How can love and faith be differentiated?

What is love and what is faith?

How can Romans 7v22 be reconciled with Hebrews 8v13?

If the Law is fading and about to end (Heb. 8:13) how can Paul delight in it (Rom. 7:22)?

How can the Holy Spirit lead us?

To be led by the Word is to be led by the Spirit.

How can the principle in John 3:30 affect knowing God?

As Christ grows within us, the flesh diminishes.

How can we effectively witness for Christ?

Effective personal preaching.

How can we study the Bible every day?


How can we study the Bible systematically?
Is there an effective way to study the Bible?
How can you explain the verse that says to hate your parents?

How can you explain the command to love mother and father against Jesus words that unless you hate your parents you cannot enter the kingdom of God?

How can you get a full understanding of the bible?

Study the Bible online or by mail.

How can you maintain a relationship with God?


How come Christadelphians don't believe in dreams?

Are dreams considered revelations or visions?

How come there is a contradiction in naming Caleb's father?

In numbers 13:6 it calls Caleb the son of Jephunnah but in Judges 3:9 it calls his younger brother Othniel the son of Kenaz?

How could a hebrew own a Hebrew?

Slavery and liberation in the Bible.

How did Aaron's rod fit in the ark of the covenant?

The exact lenth of Aaron's rod is unknown.

How did God divide light from darkness according to the bible?

God's creative acts in the world and in our hearts.

How did Heli die?

Heli, the father of Joseph or Jacob?

How did Jesus cure people?

God's power in healing and salvation.

How did Jesus summarize the 10 commandments?

Love God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself.

How did Judas Iscariot die?

Judas' suicide.

How did Paul die and when?

Was Paul beheaded by Nero or was he released?

How did Samuel die?

Did he die peacefully?

How did Saul die?

1 Samuel 31:4 says that Saul took his sword and fell on it but in 2 Samuel 1, an Amelekite claims to have killed him!

How do the original manuscripts of the Bible employ capital letters?

Why do some English versions not use capital letters for pronouns referring to God and to Jesus?

How do we show love with good works?

How do works faith partner with love?

How do you explain Numbers 22:20-22?

Why was God was angry with Balaam when he was doing what God told him to do?

how do you know that you are saved "how do you know that you are saved"
How do you learn what your purpose is? "How do you learn what your purpose is?"
How do you think Jesus Christ fulfilled Old Testament ritual?

The Law fulfilled in Christ.

How do you write a three-point summary for a mini sermon?

The blind man of Bethsaida.

How does Bible study really help?

The Bible can make us "wise unto salvation through faith in Christ."

How does man rank with angels?

Are angels "better" than humans? Are they superior to Jesus?

How does the Bible help to define God's will for my life?

What does God want me to do?

How does the Holy Spirit minister to us?

God's word, prayer, and providential care.

How does the story of Esther relate to us today?

Courage, faithfulness and prayerful action.

How essential is baptism?

What if I die just before I am baptized?

How is God creator and redeemer?

Isn't the role of redeemer filled by Christ?

How long did it take Joseph to come to power?

Joseph was faithful during a long spell of "trouble" in his life.

How long did it take Noah to build the ark?

Noah, building and preaching for 120 years.

How long did it take the Magi to walk to Bethlehem?

The wise men's journey of 1,000 miles [1,500 Km].

How long was the Prodigal Son gone for?

The Prodigal Son, away for many years?

How long were the Jews in Egypt before Moses led them out?
Was it 400 years? 430 years? Some other time period?
How many Apostles were there?

Were there 12? 13?

How many books are there in the Bible?

How many in the Old Testament and how many in the New Testament?

How many Johns are there - 1 or 3?

Five Johns in the New Testament.

How many Judges are found in the book of Judges?

Is Abimelech counted among the Judges?

How many judges in the Old Testament?

15 Judges in the Old Testament.

How many Judges were in the Bible?

How many Judges were there before there were Kings in Israel?

How many Judges where military leaders?

The role of the Judges in Israel.

How many major prophets are there?

The four Major Prophets.

How many names does Jesus have?

Jesus' 18 names and titles

How many of each kind of animals went into the ark?

Clean and unclean animals boarded the ark.

How many people are called by the name Jesus in the Bible?

Isn't there only one person named Jesus in the Bible?

How many people did God kill in the great flood?

Your decision determines your destiny. Enter the Ark of safety.

how many seal are there in the bible "how many seal are there in the bible"
How many sons and daughters did job have?

Did he have more after the first set of children died?

How many suicides are recorded in the Bible?


How many times did Jesus cry in the Bible?

Jesus wept. 

How many times did Jesus fast?

Fasting in the New Testament.

How many times is Yaweh mentioned in the Old Testament?

Yahweh or YHWH in the Old Testament

How many tribes were in the kingdom of Israel?

How many tribes comprised Israel and how many were in the kingdom of Judah?

How many wise men came to Bethlehem to see Jesus?

Were there really three?

How many wives and concubines did Abraham have? "how many wives and concubine abraham had gen25:5 ? maybe more then 3?"
How many years did Jesus live on earth?

How old was Jesus when he died?

How often is it recorded that Jesus cried?

Did Jesus weep frequently?

How old was Abraham when his son Isaac was born?

Abraham a father at age 100!

How old was Moses when he led Israel out of Egypt?

Was he a young charismatic man full of ego and energy?

How should I begin reading the bible each day?

Where do you start in reading the Bible?

How to ask for forgiveness?

Praying for mercy and forgiveness and strength.

How to believe in the word?

The authority and inspiration of the Bible.

How to put the Bible into modern day living?

Practicing what we preach in the 21st century.

How to read Genesis?

Reading and studying Genesis.

How to study the bible.

Studying scripture for yourself.

How was Moses able to be heard in the desert by all the people?

Was Moses heard by over a million people at once?

How was Paul transformed?

Paul converted on the road to Damascus.

How was the Bible put together?

Was the Bible divinely inspired or man-made?

How was the earth populated after the flood?

Repopulating the earth after Noah's flood.

How was the earth repopulated after the flood?


How well do you need to know the Bible - Jesus left only one command after all!

Only one commandment from Jesus??

I am afraid the Bible is not reliable.

How can I know that the Bible is absolutely true?

I am looking for verses that tell us to defend our homes, families, and country.

The Christian's relationship to the state.

I am searching for answers, I gave up believing in God many, many years ago, I found Christians arou "I am searching for answers, I gave up believing in God many, many years ago, I found Christians around me confusing, judgmental and dictatorial. They always seen the faults in others, but when they were seen to commit these same faults. I found that they always had an excuse to explain their words or actions. this turned me against all that had to do with God. I questioned God, the authenticity of the bible. I became a non-believer and hated anything to do with any form of religion. I have now in my 64-65 year of age found I want to seek the truth of the Bible as being called the word of God and if God exists or not. I have now became a searcher, but do not know were to start this search. for this reason I am looking at different bible study courses, in that can I learn from them, fine the answers I seek and find proof of God and the truth behind the bible or not. you see I am on my own and a bit wary of churches, I will be studding and researching on my own. Will your bible study give me a good foundation of the bible, as i need a course to give me foundation along side my own search for the answers I seek. I really need guidance in basic understand the bible and give me a basis to make a fair commentary on what i learn, i know about being a non believer, but I must be accurate, informed and have a basis to question my answers and know when I have found truth and understanding even if the answer does not suit my point of view or proves a point of view I had not been expected. So could you please advise me if your Bible courses could help me, as I am doing this on my own for now. Thank you Respectfully yours Billy"
I don't know how to pray 'properly' and to teach my children more about praying.

How do I learn to pray and teach my children to pray.

I fellowship at a Pentecostal Church and we partake of communion once per month. Is this right?

How often should we break bread and drink wine in memory of Christ?

I have a question about the book of Enoch

Is the book of Enoch heretical? After all, it is quoted by Paul and Jude.

I have read that Joshua massacred whole towns - men women and children.

Is God guilty of genocide?

I know that Elijah was a prophet but what did he do?

Elijah's role and work.

I need a biblical understanding of a word devil & Satan what the two word means thank you "I need a biblical understanding of a word devil & Satan what the two word means thank you"
I need a breakdown of Psalm 23:5.

The 23rd Psalm.

I think all mankind already has the mark of the beast

Is our carnal nature the "mark of the beast"?

I want to know how i can preach.

Who should preach and how and when?

I want to know more about Jesus but I am disabled.

Learning the Bible from home.

I want to listen the Bible.

Where to find an audio version of the Bible.

I want to read and understand the KJV. Suggestions?

Is the King James Version the one to read?

I want to sign up for the free bible course but would like to know if you believe in the Holy Spirit "I want to sign up for the free bible course but would like to know if you believe in the Holy Spirit?and also if you believe in the evident of speaking in tongues?"
I want to understand what living stones are.

Living stones in 1 Peter 2:5.

I wanted to know if the old testament is all history?

What is the Old Testament composed of?

I wanted to kown more about tribulation

What is "the tribulation"?

I was reading the first two chapters of Genesis - they are different - why?

Why is the order of creation different in the first 2 chapters of Genesis?

I will be grateful for an explanation of Luke 8:5-15

A verse by verse expositon of Luke 8:5-15

I would like an indepth look into the Fruits Of The Spirit.

What is the deeper meaning of each of the Fruits.

I would like some information about Snake handling.

Handling of poisonous snakes. Is this a sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit?

I would like to know if I AM is the correct name of GOD.

What is God's name?

I would like to know more about angels.

Who or what are angels?

I would like to know more in detail about the book of Revelation.

How and when to study Revelation.

I would like to start my lesson with the Book of Matthew.

What the Bible course covers.

I'm interested in taking your online bible course but I don't have a Bible.

Which version should I buy?

I'm trying to register but after I fill out the form, I can't send it.

How to submit your online registration form.

If Adam and Eve were the first people where did the wives of their children come from?
For example, where did Cain's wife come from?
If everything in Eden was perfect, explain the presence of the serpent.

Why did God allow evil in His perfect garden?

If God is described as being jealous, then why is it wrong for us to be jealous?

Is God being hypocritical?

If Jesus started ministry at age 30, what was he doing for 30 years?

Jesus' thirty years of preparation for his ministry.

If Mary Magdalene and Jesus had a child who was it?

Did Jesus ever marry?

If millions of grazing animals went with the Israelites, what did they eat?

Pastures in the wilderness of Sinai.

If none of the gifts are available today, what about Faith, Hope, and Love?

The end of the gifts but not faith, hope, and love.

If the devil punished the evil won’t he be good? "If the devil punished the evil won’t he be good?"
If you have been baptized do you need to do it again every time you sin?

Is re-baptism necessary for forgiveness of sins?

If you worship on a Sunday and not on the sabbath will God be disappointed?

What day is the true Sabbath?

Importance of Baptism and Mark 16

Why doesn't Mark 16:16 add after "whoever does not believe" a phrase like "and is not baptized"?

In 1 Corinthians 11 2-6 women are to cover their heads, right?

Should a woman cover her head in our day when praying or prophesying?

In 2 Corinthians 4:17 what are light affictions?

What did Paul mean by light afflictions?

In 2 Samuel 6:13 King David sacrificed a bull and calf. How was David able to make a sacrifice if "In 2 Samuel 6:13 King David sacrificed a bull and calf. How was David able to make a sacrifice if he was not a priest. God rejected King Saul for his disobedience when he made a burnt offering."
In Bible days what was the longest amount of time after the betrothal the bridegroom would be away m "In Bible days what was the longest amount of time after the betrothal the bridegroom would be away making preparations for his bride before he would return to claim his bride"
In church today I was told that God didn't have arms, legs or a body? True?

What does God look like?

In Ephesians does heavenly places refer to actual heaven?

What are the "heavenly places in Christ"?

In Genesis 1:1 does heaven refer to space or God's domain?

Explain the use of the word heaven in Genesis 1

In Genesis 1:1 it is written, 'God created the heaven(s) and the earth.'

In Genesis 1:1 some translations say heaven and some say heavens. Which is correct?

In Genesis 1:26 it says 'Let us make human beings...who is US referring to?

Who created Adam and Eve?

In Hebrews 6:18 what are the two unchangeable things?

How does God verify His word?

In holy communion must we wash each other's feet?

Is foot washing a commandment?

in II Samule 2:2 David said “Go throughout the tribes of Israel from Dan to Beersheba and enroll the "in II Samule 2:2 David said “Go throughout the tribes of Israel from Dan to Beersheba and enroll the fighting men, so that I may know how many there are.” Why was this a sin? Then in verse 15: 'So the LORD sent a plague on Israel from that morning until the end of the time designated, and seventy thousand of the people from Dan to Beersheba died.' Why were the people killed for what David did?"
In Leviticus 20 what or who is Molech?

Molech and idolatry.

In Luke 9:32, Why is that even put in there? "In Luke 9:32, Why is that even put in there?"
In Mark 13:30 Jesus said this generation will not pass away. Was he wrong?

Was this just wishful thinking on his part?

In Matthew it talks about generations. How many?

How many generations from Jesus to now?  

In numbers 11:29 Moses said unto him Enviest thou for my sake?

"In numbers 11:29 and Moses said unto him Enviest thou for my sake? What did he mean"

In Psalm 118 v17 what does he mean?

"In Psalm 118 v17 states that I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the lord. What does that mean?

In Psalm 119:154 David says 'Quicken me according to thy word.'

What scripture did David have at that time to read? 

In Psalm 136:1-3 I find references to God confusing.

What do the references in this passage to "LORD", "lords", "God" and "gods" mean?

In Rev. 19:16 is the thigh his flesh or the robe?

Is the thigh referred to literal?

In some translations of Mark 10:25 is "camel" really "rope"?

Should Mark 10:25 read "It is easier for a rope to go through the eye on a needle..."? 

In the Bible how many times did Jesus cry, twice?

Frequency of tears in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the Bible is Jesus physically described?

What did Jesus look like?

In the Bible is there a verse stating white people won't be allowed in heaven? "In the Bible is there a verse stating white people won't be allowed in heaven?"
In the book of Acts Stephen saw Jesus on the right hand of God.

Did Stephen see God? But the Bible says no man has seen God.

In the book of Genesis what are the fountains of the earth that burst open?

Where did the water come from in Noah's flood?

In the book of Luke what was Martha worried about?

Luke 10:42 what does "Martha was worried about many things" mean?

In the Gospel, how do we have the conversation between Pilate and Jesus?

How did their conversation end up in the New Testament when there was no one about to hear them? The Apostles were not present and niether anyone else.

In the parable of the Pharisee and the publican why was the publican justified?

Why was the publican's prayer accepted?

In the Passover today must we wash feet?

Is foot washing a commandment?

In the picture of the last supper is there an image of Mary Jesus' brothers?

Is Mary Magdalene and two of Jesus brothers in the famous painting, "The Last Supper"?

In what year did Christadelphians begin?

How long have Christadelphians been around? Are your beliefs like the Mormons?

In your christadelphians views,are the Jews & the Israelites better than the other people?. "In your christadelphians views,are the Jews & the Israelites better than the other people?."
In your teaching will Christ's coming take believers by surprise?

We should watch carefully things that are happening in the world, so that Jesus' return does not take us by surprise. Could you give a Bible reference for it?  

In your teachings, Is there only one God?

What about the Trinity?

Is 1 Chronicles 4:10 for Jews only?

Do we have a part in the blessing of Jabez?

Is abortion wrong?

Can abortion ever be justified?

Is Abraham a good example of faith?

What is faith anyway?

Is baptism being dipped in water or accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior?

Must a "saved" person be baptized?

Is baptism essential for salvation?

What about exceptional cases? Why was Jesus baptized?

Is baptism necessary to go to heaven?

What is the reward of the faithful and how is it attained?

Is christ in a fight for our souls?

What are the real issues of life and death and eternal life?

Is God genocidal?

Did he commit genocide by 'causing' the flood? Did he really ask his people to wipe out nations and to cut babies in half? 

Is God still inspiring scripture today?

When did inspiration cease?

Is it imporant to learn about both Testaments?

Why do Christians need the Old Testament?

Is it in the Bible that the lion lies down with the lamb?

What does the Bible say about lions and lambs in the Kingdom?

Is it possible that Adam and Eve could have been forgiven?

Adam and Eve forgiven!

Is it scriptural to disfellowship a member. and circulate the letter "Is it scriptural to disfellowship a member. and circulate the letter"
Is it the thief on the right or the one on the left that Jesus had mercy on?

Which thief had faith?

Is it true that Jesus was black?

What race and skin colour was Jesus and does it matter?

Is it true that the Virgin Mary appeared in Mexico?

Is Mary still alive and did she remain a virgin througout her life?

Is it wrong to judge?

Is it ever ok for us to pass judgement on others?

Is Jesus second coming really at hand?

What are the signs of Jesus' return that we can see today?"

Is Jesus still alive?

Where is he? How do you know that he really existed?

Is one sin greater than another?

What does the Bible say about degrees of sinfulness?

Is the abomination of desolation the sign of Jesus second coming? Has the sign been fufilled? "Is the abomination of desolation the sign of Jesus second coming? Has the sign been fufilled?"
Is the Bible clear on the concept of creation?

What does the Bible teach - is there room for evolution?

Is the bible the only source of truth about who God is

How can we find out about God?

Is the bible to be taken literally?

Is anything in the Bible symbolic and not literal?

Is the bible true

Is the Bible the authoritative Word of God?

Is the body of Moses the congregation of Israel?

Or, is it really referring to the actual corpse of Moses?

Is the exodus from Egypt the central act of God in the Pentateuch

What is the most important teaching of the first five books of the Bible?

Is the Kings James Version of the Bible the most accurate version?

Are there other versions that equal or surpass the KJV?

Is the NASB a Catholic version?

Who translated the NASB?

Is the second death, which is the lake of fire, not literal?

Who is subject to the "Second Death"?

Is there a difference in The Holy Spirit and The Holy Ghost?

What is the Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost?

Is there a place which talks about a angels and humans marrying?

What about "the sons of God" and the "daughters of men"?

Is there an easy way to study the Bible?

How to study and remember!

Is there any evidence found to support Noah's flood?

Was the flood worldwide?

Is there evidence of a previous world before Genesis 1.1?

Is ours just the most recent creation?

Is this the end of the world because of covid 19 are we living in ends times now is christ redey com "Is this the end of the world because of covid 19 are we living in ends times now is christ redey come back to earth"
Isaiah 43:18 Please explain this verse.

Isaiah 43:18 Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.

Isaiah 66:7-11 Please explain these verses.

Prophecy of Jerusalem's deliverance.

Isaiah 6:1-8 Please explain these verses.

Isaiah's encounter with the Seraphim.

It is a fact that Romans crucified with nails through the wrist not the hands.

Why was Thomas shown Jesus' hands rather than his wrists?

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle

What did Jesus mean by the camel going through the eye of the needle?

It is hard to let go of unhealthy relationships. Help!

Scriptural help in overcoming the weakness of the flesh.

James 5:13-18 Please explain these verses.

Should elders be healing their flock on demand?

Jealousy of God

What does the jealousy of God signify?

Jesus - More than one?

Who else is named Jesus in the Bible?

Jesus Christ-- What do the words Christ and Messiah mean?

Jesus is God's annointed one - King and Priest.

Jesus commanded his disciples to baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, right?

Compare Matthew 28v29 and Acts 2v38. Why then did the disciples baptize people in the name of Jesus only?

Jesus has just healed the paralyzed man his friends let down through the roof.Was the faith Jesus sa

"Jesus has just healed the paralyzed man his friends let down through the roof.Was the faith Jesus saw necessary for the forgiveness of sins? Old and New Testament reference?"

Jesus said I and my father are one, and if you have seen me you have seen my father also . Meaning?

Was Jesus saying he is equal with God?

Jesus said in Mark 9v1 that the kingdom would come in the Apostles' lifetime. Explain.

Did Jesus really expect the Kingdom to come before all of the Apostles had died?

Jesus said that only God is good. He also called himself the good shepherd. What is the difference?

Matthew 19 verse 17 and John 10 verse 11 - a contradiction?

Jesus sits on the right hand of God. Who sits on his left?

Is the phrase "sitting on the right hand of God" literal?

Jesus Walking on Water

Interesting details in the gospel accounts of Jesus' walking on the water.

Jesus will return to take the 144,000 or will more make it?

Are only 144,000 given eternal life?

Jesus' Date of Birth?

Is Christmas the real brithday of the Lord Jesus Christ?

John 1:18 in the NIV, why is Jesus called God but in other versions he is the only begotten son?

Is the NIV inaccurate here? Are the translators of this version biased?

John 2:19 - In what way did Jesus raise himself up if it was God who raised him?

Was Jesus' spirit really alive somewhere else so he could do this on his own?

John's first sign - the waterpots - please explain.

What is the meaning of Jesus' first sign: the six jars, the water filled to the brim, the good wine saved 'til last?

Joshua was told to circumcise the children of Israel a second time. Why?

Didn't Moses take care of circumcising the people?

Joshus 5:9 what was the reproach of Egypt?

Why did the Egyptians scorn the Israelites?

Judas was a traitor to Jesus but I feel he was forgiven. Do you?

Wasn't Judas just trying to help with a meeting with the Pharisees, but he did not want them to hurt him?
Judas who is a sinner was not forgiven. Why?

Jesus said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Didn't this include Judas?

Judges 14:5-9 What is the meaning of this passage. Is it just a story?

What is the significance of this episode in the life of Samson

Justification according to Luther. Please explain.

Is "faith alone" sufficient for salvation?

Kindly explain your interpertation of God's Glory.

What is Glory? As it pertains to God.

King Saul was an unfortunate instrument in the hand of an avenging God; true?

Why was Saul not restored when he erred? Why was he punished so severely?

La nature de la vrai repentance "La nature de la vrai repentance"
Locating Joseph

How many Josephs are there in the Bible?

Lot's daughters.

Why would Lot offer up his two daughters to the evil crowd in Sodom?

Luke 11v24 is Jesus talking about Israelites or Christians or something else?

To whom is this parable referring?

Luke 18:1-9 What was the rule Jesus used from which he judge these men? scripture chapter verse "Luke 18:1-9 What was the rule Jesus used from which he judge these men? scripture chapter verse"
Luke 18:9-14 Jesus says that because they trusted themselves, they had two problems, what were they? "Luke 18:9-14 Jesus says that because they trusted themselves, they had two problems, what were they? scripture chapter verse"
Major teachings of Jesus in his last week?

What did Jesus preach and teach just before his crucifixion?

man should not put on anything that belongs to a woman and a woman should not put on anything that b "man should not put on anything that belongs to a woman and a woman should not put on anything that belongs to a man (Deuteronomy 22v5) I need the explanation"
Mark 13:30 How did Jesus mean all would be fulfilled in his generation?

Did Jesus mean his generation or some future generation which would see the fulfilment of prophecy?

Mathew chapter 11 "Mathew chapter 11"
Matthew 24:29 Will the sun and moon go out and stars fall from heaven?

Is this passage literal? Is it symbolic? Has this tribulation started already?

Matthew Chapter 6 verse 33 - Please explain.

What does it mean to seek first the Kingdom of God?

Meaning of Mark 12:35-37

Explain Jesus' descent from David.

Meaning of Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego?

What do Daniel's friends names mean?

Meaning of the word publican?

A Publican is a tax-collector.

My meat is to do you will - What did Jesus mean?

Why did Jesus use the word "meat" in the KJV?

My youngest son (28) is studying the bible with Jehovah witnesses and I don’t have the answer to wha "My youngest son (28) is studying the bible with Jehovah witnesses and I don’t have the answer to what is different about them from other Christians yet it raises a panic in me and yes I am a born again baptized believer. Can someone tell me what the differences are or where to look so I can tell him. Thank you so much jacqueline"
Name the 12 months of the Jewish calendar starting with the month Abib.

Is the first month of the Jewish calendar Abib or Nisan?

Need to know the original name of Jesus.

What is Jesus' REAL name and why was it changed?

Neither let us tempt Christ. What is Paul referring to in 1 Corinthians 9:10?

What is the lesson of the punishment of serpents in Numbers 21?

Noah's Flood: Contradiction?

Are there two contradictory flood accounts in Genesis?

Not the tail but the head; what does that mean?

Israel' blessing if they will be obedient.

Numbers 21:9; John 3:14-15. Why was the serpent chosen to represent Christ?

Numbers 21:9; John 3:14-15. The serpent was a slanderer, cursed by God. Why was such an obnoxious creature used to typify our Saviour?

Numbers 22:20 Balaam was told to go to Balak but when he did, it made God angry. Why?

Why was Balaam told to go with the men sent by Balak if God didn't really want him to go?

Of all the prophets why were Moses and Elijah chosen to be seen with Jesus on the mount?

On the mount of transfiguration why Moses and Elijah? Were they really there or was it a vision?

Parentheses in scripture - e.g. 1 Kings 21:25,26 and Daniel 10:1

Were punctuation tools such as parentheses used in the original Hebrew and Greek of the Bible?

Philippians 2.5 What does this mean?

What does Paul mean when he says "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus..."?

Please comment on Psalm 86.

Psalm 86 is a Messianic Psalm pointing forward to Christ.

Please explain 2 Corinthians 12

What does it mean to be caught up to the third heaven?

Please explain Ephesians 4:30.

How can we grieve the Holy Spirit?

Please explain Galatians 3 verses 10-14.

What application do these verses have to our daily lives?

Please explain Isaiah 62v5 which speaks of the sons of Jerusalem marrying her.

Is this a figure of speech or is it literal?  What exactly is being said in this verse?

Please explain Isaiah 9:6.

If this applies to Jesus, why is he called "mighty God" and "Everlasting Father"?

Please explain James 5:16-18.

Should we really "confess our faults" to each other?

Please explain John 13:6,7,8 and 12-17.

Should we be washing each others' feet today?

Please explain Matthew 3:11-12 Holy Spirit and Fire

Are we baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire today?

Please explain Matthew 7v15.

Who are these false prophets?

Please explain Proverbs 27:11.

How does the behaviour of a child or student reflect on the parent or teacher?

Please explain Romans 8 verse 1.

Do we need to seek forgiveness for sin after we are "saved"?

Please explain the Prodigal Son.

What is the meaning of the parable of the Prodigal Son?

Please explain what the Bible means by body, soul, and spirit.

Aren't soul and spirit the same thing?

Please give me an introduction to the book of Isaiah.

What is the prophecy of Isaiah all about?

Please help with understanding who were Apostles and who were not.

Were there "A" Apostles and "a" apostles?  What About Titus, Timothy, Barnabus, Judas? Do we still have apostles? 

Please I want to know, was apostle paul executed?

How and when did Paul die?

Please tell me more about the Old Testament.

Where should we start reading? Genesis? Why?

Please, what is Abraham's bosom?

In Luke 16:22, is Abraham's bosom, heaven, the reward of the righteous?

Prayer of Manasseh, please comment.

Is the so-called prayer of Manasseh a legitimate part of scripture?

Proverbs 29:1 What does it mean?

What does it mean to be stiff-necked?

Psalm 116 - What is the Cup of Salvation?

What is the cup of salvation compared to other "cups" figuratively referred to in scripture?

Psalm 2:8 - Please explain.

Will followers of Christ be given land when he returns? Who will receive the earth?

Psalm 90:10 - Do you take it literally?

Three-score years and ten, a literal life-span?

Psalms 116, 121: God preserves those in need?

How does God care for us even in times of severe trouble in our lives?

Psalms 133, What does it mean?

What do the images in Psalm 133 have to do with unity?

Questions and answers concerning Ezekiel chapter 4 "Questions and answers concerning Ezekiel chapter 4"
Revelation 1:16 What are the seven stars?

Of what are the seven stars symbolic?

Romans 10:4 Please explain.

What does the phrase "end of the law" mean?

Romans 8:32 Please explain this verse.

What does it mean that God will freely give us all things?

Romans 9 - Please explain

What are the lessons for us in Romans chapter 9?


Who was Shadrach?

Shortest verse in the Bible?

What is the shortest verse?

Should a woman be with a married man?

How serious is adultery?

Should baptism be done in the name of Jesus only or that of the father, son and holy ghost?

Does it matter what "formula" is used during a baptism?

Should I be buried when I die or can I be cremated?

Is cremation against scripture?

Should we give or receive blood?

What does the Bible teach about blood transfusion or donation?

Shulamites and Shunammites

What is the difference between a Shulamite and a Shunammite?

So the idea of 'Judgement Day' - please explain.

Will everyone be judged - believers and non-believers? Who is responsible to the judgement seat of Christ?

Some more verses from Quran Karim: 3:19, 7:158

Is the Quran inspired? Is Mohammed a prophet?

Steps to registration

How do you sign up for the Bible study course?


What is the meaning of Tassels in Number 15:37-41?

Tattoo that Jesus has on his thigh?

What is the meaning of the tattoo that Jesus has on his thigh at his return?

tell me about your beleifs "tell me about your beleifs"

Learning the Bible by heart.

The Bema - Judgement Seat

What is the Bema judgment seat?

The bible does not say we go to 'heaven' when we die but what about Moses and Elijah?

Where did Moses and Elijah come from at the transfiguration?

The Bible said the children of men and the children of God married. What does this mean?

In Genesis 6 who were the "daughters of men" and who were the "sons of God"?

The central figure who spread the gospel was Paul the Apostle. Who was he?

What do we know about the life and times of the Apostle Paul?

The Nameless Woman of Shunem, what can you say about her?

Who were the Shunnamites? Why does she "all is well" when it clearly wasn't? Is there significance to Elisha's staff? Why couldn't Gehazi perform the miracle?

The Scriptures speaks of three worlds? Could you explain the worlds described in 2 Peter 3?
The Seven Spirits, Paradise, Thrones in Revelation

Revelation 1:4 they are talking of seven Spirits before the throne. What are they? Revelation 2:7,  the Paradise of God. What does Paradise mean? Revelation 3:21,  two thrones, what are they?

The sons of God - who are they?

Are the sons of God angels?

The three wise men's gifts - what do they mean?

What is the significance of gold, frankincense, and myrrh?

Through the bible in one year? How can I read the whole Bible in one year?
To deliver somebody to satan means what? Why would one deliver someone to Satan? How would that help?
Triumphal entry of Jesus and his 7 last words What were the 7 last things Jesus said on the cross and what do they mean?
Type of Christ: Melchizedek. Explain please.

How was Melchizedek a foreshadowing or type of the work of Christ?

Was Abraham a son of God or a friend of God?
Is there a difference between "sonship" and "friendship"?
Was Adam mortal when he was created?

Did the process of decay and death begin when Adam was created?

Was Balaam a fake or genuine prophet? Was Balaam a false prophet or a real prophet who worked for money?
Was David right to slay the young Amalekite soldier who had taken King Saul's life? 1 Samuel 31:3-5 and 2 Samuel 1:1-16? The soldier appears to have acted from compassion.
Was it God the Father that was over the tabernacle in Exodus? Did God Himself lead the people of Israel through the wilderness?
Was it the will of God that Ishmael was the first born of Abraham?

If so, why isn't he recognized as the true heir to Abraham in the Hebrew Bible?

Was Jesus a Jew? Of what race was Jesus?
Was Jesus Christ born-again?

If so, how is that possible?

Was Jesus crucified on a single stake or a real cross?

 How was Jesus put to death?

Was Jesus ever referred to as brother in the New Testament?

If Jesus is our brother, it should say so, shouldn't it?

Was Jesus ever rich? Was he ever poor? What was Jesus' financial status?
Was Jesus really in the heart of the earth for 3 days and 3 nights?  How do you explain Matt 12:39, 40?
Was Jesus ressurected in spirit or bodily ?

If Jesus was resurrected as a spirit being, did his body remain in the grave?

Was John the Baptist a disciple of Jesus?

What did John think of Jesus?

Was John The Baptist Elijah? Who is the real coming Elijah?
Was Joseph lying when he told his brothers to tell Pharoah they were catlemen? Were they not shepherds?
Was Mary the mother of Jesus raised by the high priest? How was Mary raised?
Was Noah actually 600 of our years old? How old was Noah?
Was not Barabbas named Jesus too?

If Barabbas was named Jesus too, does it matter?

Was Peter hit 39 times? How often was Peter beaten?
Was there rain on the earth before the flood? What did the antediluvian world look like?
Wash thyself?

What scriptures refer to spiritual washing?

Wave offering? What is the significance of the "wave offering" in the Law of Moses?
Were Cain and Abel twins? Were they born separately or at the same time?
Were people on earth before Adam and Eve?

Was there a pre-Adamic creation or were Adam and Eve truly the first humans on earth?

Were there any other people living before or during the time of Adam and Eve?

Were Adam and Eve the first? Were there others living at the same time?

Were there people on earth before Adam and Eve?
Were Adam and Eve truly the first human inhabitants of the planet?
What is apostasy? What is the meaning of the word "apostasy"?
What about the Adventist's prophetess and her writings? Is Mary Ellen White a true prophetess?
What are abominations according to the Bible? What behaviours does God consider to be especially abhorrent?
What are all of the names of God?

 What are the Hebrew names of God and their meaning?

What are Centurions? What was the role of a Centurion in the Roman army?
What are first fruits offerings today?

Is it the same as tithes or a totally different thing?
What are prophets in the Bible?

Do they only foretell the future or is there more to it than that?

What are scriptures to learn about Anxiety and Depression. "What are scriptures to learn about Anxiety and Depression."
What are some old testament laws in which I can put together an inductive study? What is an "inductive study"?
What are stars symbols of in the Bible?

Does Astrology have any validity?

What are the books from Joshua to Esther called? What is the category name for these books?
What are the Cherubim?

Are they a higher order of angels? If they are symbols, what do they mean?

What are the first fruits?

Does the principle of "first fruits" apply to us today?

What are the five named flowers in the Bible?

 Are there really only five flowers mentioned in the whole Bible?

What are the God's laws "What are the God's laws"
What are the horns that scattered Judah in Zechariah 1?

Also, what do the four carpenters/craftsmen represent in this passage?

What are the keys to death and hell?

Are they literal or symbolic?

What are the lessons of the flood?
Is the story of Noah's flood relevant to us today?
What are the lusts mentioned in 2 Peter 1:4 referring to?

What is their source?

What are the main themes of the Bible?

"what are the themes"

What are the names of all the disciples? Who were the close disciples of the Lord?
What are the names of Jesus and their meaning?

 What was Jesus called in the New Testament?

What are the names of the 12 Apostles?

What do we know about these men?

What are the names of the seven people who were named before their birth?

Who in the Bible was named before he or she was born?

What are the Old Testament Commandments? What did God expect of Old Testament believers?
What are the principalities, powers, darkness of this world, etc.?

Is this the Devil and Satan and his demons?

What are the qualities of a good character?

Please define these good characteristics:  holiness, purity, contrite heart, fear of God, faithfulneess, obedience, seek & loves GOD, servant of the LORD.

What are the requirements of a deacon?

What is a deacon? What qualifications does a deacon need to have?

What are the Seraphim? Are they angels?
What are the signs that a person has been delivered? Is demon possession real? Can demons re-enter a "delivered" body?
What are the unicorns referred to in Isaiah 34:7?  Are they horses with horns or something else?
What assurances did God give to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph?

Why were these men so faithful?

What babies did God name?

Were there a lot of them?

What book is best to start with? How do I begin to read and study the Bible effectively?
What can I do for God?
What does God require from me?
What can you tell me about animal sacrifices in the Kingdom age? Will animal sacrifice be reinstated in the millennial Kingdom of God?
What can you tell me about Living Stream Ministries based out of California? Is it a cult or is is a "What can you tell me about Living Stream Ministries based out of California? Is it a cult or is is a legitimate, healthy, well-balanced Church? Do they believe in fellowshipping with other believers from other churches? Can you point me to any sources which either serve as red flags or about their legitimacy as far as being part of the Body of Christ? Thank you for your attention to this matter. In Christ, Alfred Marquez"
What chapter is the 10 commandments in? Where does one look for a listing of the 10 commandments?
What characteristics of God influence His anger? What provokes God to anger and why?
What city did Jesus cry over? Did Jesus weep over Jerusalem?
What curse came upon Adam and Eve?

After God drove Adam and Eve how did they experience the curse that was put upon them?

What day was the Passover? What day of the week is Passover and what is its significance?
what decree did haman make about killing the jews "what decree did haman make about killing the jews"
What did God do for Samuel? How did God raise up Samuel and help him during his life of service to Israel?
What did God mean when he said I am the potter? If God is the potter, are we the clay?
What did God tell Samuel when he woke him during the night? What was the first prophecy given to Samuel?
What did Jesus mean when he said I have other sheep not of this fold?

Who were these other sheep?

What did Jesus mean when said he didnt come to make peace? Isn't Jesus' role to bring peace? Why did he say that he came to bring a sword?
What did Jesus thirst for in John 19:28? Was this the final fulfillment of prophecy concerning Christ's death?
What did Paul mean when he said he and his colleagues were stewards?

What is a steward? Is it a slave, a servant....?

What do AD and BC mean? Why do we use AD and BC when referring to historical dates?
What do the gifts of the Wise Men (Magi) mean?

3 gifts = 3 Wise Men?

What do the seven golden lampstands mean in Revelation chapter 1?

Also, what about the 7 stars?

What do the seven golden lampstands represent in Revelation 1?

How about the 7 stars and 7 angels too?

What do the seven stars in the book in Revelation symbolize?
Are these "stars" angels or humans?
What do the words

What do these words mean in Hebrew? Are they the same as in English?

What do we learn from reading the first chapter of the book of Joshua? The lessons of Joshua chapter 1: The power of God's word  in our lives, God's faithfulness to His promises, and the care of God for His people.
What do you mean blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?

Actually, it is blasphemy AGAINST not OF the Holy Spirit.

What do you think about David's protest in 1 Samuel 29:8-11?
Did David deliberately lie to Achish? Would he have fought with the Philistines against Israel?
What does blasphemy the Holy Ghost mean?
Why is it called the "unforgivable sin"?
What does Hebrews 4:12 mean?
How is the word of God sharper than a sword?
What does "extortioners" mean?
What does the word mean and how is it applied in the Bible?
What does "Gentiles" mean?
Who is a gentile?
What does "He died from the foundation of the world" mean? Did Jesus die before
What does "INRI" mean?
Is this abbreviation Biblical?
What does "the creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God" mean?

Who are the sons/children of God mentioned here?

What does 'folly' mean?
Define the word "folly".
What does 'full of the Spirit' mean?

How can we be filled with the Spirit today?

What does 'the creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God' mean?

Who are these "sons of God"?

What does A.D. mean?
Why does A.D. appear after years following Christ's birth?
What does Apocalypse mean?

How is the word "Apocalypse" related to the book of Revelation?
What does behind the veil mean?
To go "behind the veil" is to enter the holiest of holy places in the Tabernacle/Temple.
What does captivity captive mean?

Are they the Old Testament saints?

What does conformable mean in Philippians 3:10?
What is Paul saying we should be conformed to?
What does Ephesians 3:20 mean?

What does Paul mean by the phrase "according to the power that works in us."?
What does Hadassah mean?

Who in the Bible was named Hadassah?

What does Hebrews 11:1 mean?
What is the substance and evidence spoken of here?
What does Hebrews 12:4 mean?
What does it mean when it says "you have not resisted to bloodshed"?
What does Hosea 10:12 mean?
What is the context of this passage in Hosea?
What does Isaiah 45:2 mean?
Who was Cyrus?
What does Isaiah 50:4 mean?
What is the "tongue of the learned"?
What does it mean "The Prophet"? "What does it mean "The Prophet"?"
What does it mean to "let this mind be in which was in Christ Jesus"?
How can we have the mind of Christ?
What does it mean to speak a word in season? isaiah 50:4

Are we to speak only at certain times of the year?

What does it mean to visit the iniquity of the fathers upon the children?

Is God being grossly unfair when he says he will punish the children for the sins of their fathers to the third and fourth generations?

What does it mean when LORD is spelled in capital letters?

Is there a special significance to the word LORD?
What does it mean when the Bible talks about "salt of the earth"? What is the significance of "salt"?
What does it mean, 'We shall judge angels'?

Will angels have to be punished for wrongdoing?

What does Jacob's name mean?
Does Jacob's name describe his character?
What does James 5:14 mean?

Can we be certain of being physically healed of our sicknesses?

What does James chapter 3 mean?

Must peace be sacrificed for doctrinal purity?

What does Jude verse 12 mean?

What does "twice dead" mean?

What does Laodicean mean?
Does it only mean the citizen of the city of Laodecea or is there more to it?
What does lasciviousness mean?
Does it apply only to sexual immorality?
What does manifest mean?
Does "manifest" have a special meaning when used in the Bible?
What does manifested in John 17 verse 6 mean?

How did Jesus manifest his Father's name?

What does Mark 13:2 mean?
What did Jesus mean that not one stone would be left on another?
What does Matthew 5:43-48 mean?

Are we expected to be as "perfect" as God?

What does Matthew 9:9-13 mean?

How does Jesus' teaching in this passage affect us?

What does Micah 6 verses 6-8 mean?

What does the LORD require of you?

What does Micah 7 verse 14 mean?

To whom does this passage apply?

What does Paul mean by Philippians 4 6-9

Can we have the "peace of God" in this life?

What does Paul mean by the term "animal spirit" in 1 Corinthians 15:44?

Do animals have spirits? Do we have animal spirits? What is he talking about?

what does Siloh mean?
Is Shiloh just a place name or does it have a deeper meaning?
What does substance mean? "what does substance means"
What does taking away the veil mean?

What is the veil exactly?

What does thanksgiving mean in the Bible?

What role does thanksgiving play in our lives?

What does the bible say about jealousy?
Can the word "jealousy" be used in a good sense?
What does the Bible say about banking your money?
Is earning interest on your money wrong?
What does the bible say about Paul's death?
Do we know anything about the exact circumstances of the Apostle Paul's death?
What does the bible say about tests or testing? "What does the bible say about tests or testing?"
What does the bible say about the 'time of Jacob's trouble'?
What and when is the "time of Jacob's trouble?
What does the bible say about unruly Christians?
How does one deal with bad behaviour.
what does the bile say about treasure "what does the bile say about treasure"
What does the fearful/coward in Rev 21:8 mean?
What is the correlation between fear and faith?
What does the house represent in the parable of the two builders?
The houses of these men are their lives!
What does the New Living Translation mean by "burning the chaff with never ending fire?"

Does this prove that the wicked burn forever in Hell?

what does the new testment say about jesus "what does the new testment say about jesus"
What does the Old Testament deal with primarily?

How does it differ from the New Testament?

What does the phrase talitha cumi mean?
How many miracles were performed for that family? Just the raising of Jairus' daughter?
What does the scripture in Jude 1:6 mean?
Does it refer to Korah's rebellion?
What does the star of David stand for?
Should Christians honour this symbol?
What does the word "meet" mean in the King James Version?

Does it mean the same as it does in today's English?

What does the word "Nazareth" mean?
Does it have more significance than just a place name?
What does the word church mean?

Does it refer to a building or more than that?

What does the word faith mean in the Old and New Testaments?

Does faith mean something different in the Old Testament?

What does the word folly mean?

What does the word folly mean in the original languages of the Bible?

What does the word prophecy mean?

Does only mean to foretell the future?

What does there shall be no more thence an infant of days mean?

Does it mean that children shall not get sick and die during the kingdom age?

What does water represent in the Bible?
Water represents the word of God.
What fruit was it that Eve and Adam ate that was forbidden?
Does it actually matter what specific kind of fruit it was?
what happened to Elijah

Did Elijah go to heaven?

What Happened to Enoch? I know there are many different interpretations of this, but I was wondering what yours was. Genesis 5:24 'And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.'
What happened to Japan, is it in the Bible?
Earthquakes and tsunami - do they have Biblical significance?
What happened to Jephthah's daugther?

Was she really offered as a burnt offering?

What happened to Matthew who was one of the 12 Apostles?
Do we know whatever became of Matthew?
What happened to Saul?
King Saul committed suicide.
What happened to the dead before Jesus died?

Did they just die? Did they all go to hell?

What happened to those who disobeyed leaders in the Bible?
What was the punishment they received for disobedience?
What is "cf 42:1-9"?
What does "cf" mean?
What is "The Bible Companion"?

It is a reading guide which helps you to read the OT once and NT twice in one year. Read on to find out how to get one.
What is a "Testimony"?
We testify of that which we have personally experienced.
What is a Biblical year?

How many days in a year according to Bible?

What is a Nazarite?
What is special about a person who becomes a "Nazarite"?
What is a prayer shawl and why is it used?
What is the significance of the Jewish prayer shawl?
What is a score of years in the Bible?

How many years in a score?

What is all about Nehemiah's chapter 5..what are the lesson than can leaen from it? "What is all about Nehemiah's chapter 5..what are the lesson than can leaen from it?"
What is an apostle and what is a disciple?
What is the difference? Who were disciples and who were Apostles?
What is an apostle?
Are there "Apostles" in the world today?
What is an ephah?
How large is an ephah?
What is an ephod?
How significant is this priestly garment?
What is Biblical archaeology?

Why not just "archaeology"?

What is Genesis?
What does the word "Genesis" mean?
What is Gilgal?
Is Gilgal a place or a thing?
What is God's nature and Christ's nature?

Are they the same or different?

What is heart?
What does the heart signify in the Bible?
What is his correct name, Abraham or Abram?


Does it matter if the ancestor of Israel is called Abram or Abraham?

What is hope?

Does hope differ from faith?

What is intellegent design?
Is intelligent design a concept which displaces natural selection?
What is Jesus doing in the present?
Is the Lord Jesus Christ active in today's world?
What is life in Christ like?
How can one live a Christ-like life today?
What is meant by a Sabbath day's journey?
How far was one allowed to travel on the Sabbath Day?
What is meant by living a holy life?
How can we live holy lives in today's corrupt world?
What is meant when God says 'Let us create man in our image
How is mankind made in the image of God?
What is moral instruction?

What role does "moral instruction" play in my life as a Christian?
What is Nehemiah about?
What is the history behind the book of Nehemiah and what does it teach us today?
What is Passover?
What does this Jewish feast signify?
what is Psalm 118 ? "what is Psalm 118 ?"
What is Romans 11:18 saying?
What is the point of Paul's parable? Who are the branches?
What is the "balm of Gilead"?
Was this some form of medication?
What is the "order of Melchizedek"?
Who was Melchizedek and why is he foreshadowing of Christ?
What is the anger of the LORD as recorded 2 Samuel 24:1?
What had Israel done to incur God's wrath?
What is the beauty of the beatitudes?


Does the word "beatitude" mean "beauty"?

What is the best example of witnessing in the Bible?
Who is the best preacher in the Bible?
What is the Bible about and why is it so very important for man?
What is the central theme of the Bible and how does it impact us?
What is the Bible?
Just what is the Bible? How do we know it is a reliable revelation of God's will?
What is the book of Genesis all about?
What can we learn from Genesis?
What is the center of the Bible?
Finding the "middle verse" is easy but what is the Bible's central theme?
What is the covenant of grace?

Is this a synonym for the New Covenant in Christ?

What is the day of Pentecost?
When was it and what is its significance?
What is the definition of holy?
Does holy mean to be perfect?
What is the diaspora?

Is that the same word as dispersion found in the New Testament (NKJV)?

What is the difference between a Jew and a Hebrew?

Can you be a Hebrew and not Jewish and vice versa?
What is the difference between a Jew and a Roman?
Could a Jew also be a Roman?
What is the difference between bible study and theology?
Can you be a real Bible student without being a "theologian"?
What is the difference between Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology?

Is there actually a difference?

What is the difference between faith and hope?

In Romans and 2 Peter, hope and faith seem to be similar. Are they?

What is the difference between God the creator and God the redeemer?

Is there a difference?

What is the difference between Judas and Peter?

Both Judas and Peter betrayed Christ, didn't they?
What is the difference between sin and a sin of presumption?

Are there categories of sin?

What is the difference between Systematic and Biblical theology?

Are we dealing with theological jargon in the use of these terms?

What is the difference between theology and the Bible?
Is studying the Bible the same as theology?
What is the distinction between a Jew and an Israelite?

Are all Israelites Jews? Are all Jews Israelites?

What is the exhoration given to us in Hebrews 10:35?
How does confidence have a great reward?
What is the function of a prophet?

Do prophets do more than foretell the future?

What is the gospel for the Gentiles? "What is the gospel for the Gentiles?"
What is the gospel?
What are the elements of the true gospel?
What is the greatest commandment?
The greatest commandment: Love God!
What is the importance of the number 40 in the Bible?

Does the number 40 have any special significance?

What is the kingdom of peace?

Is the Kingdom of Peace to be here on earth or in heaven with God?

What is the lesson in the parable of the talents? "What is the lesson in the parable of the talents?"
What is the meaning of Mathew 22: 43-46 "What is the meaning of Mathew 22: 43-46"
What is the meaning of Matthew 16:28?
Did some of the disciples not actually die? Who were they?
What is the meaning of Matthew 16:28?

Did some of the disciples not actually die? Who were they?

What is the meaning of Matthew 25:29? "What is the meaning of Matthew 25:29?"
What is the meaning of Psalm 51:10?
What does "hide your face from my sins" mean?
What is the meaning of Revelation 13:15-18?

What is the Mark of the Beast?

What is the meaning of Revelation one verse nine?

What is the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ?

What is the meaning of the 7 last words of Jesus on the cross?

Why did he say what he did?

What is the meaning of the name Chloe?
Chloe means a green herb or green blooming herb.
What is the meaning of the word "law" in Romans 7?
Does it refer to "law in general" or the "law of Moses" in particular?
What is the meaning of the word frods in Joshua 2:7?

You mean "fords" not "frods." 

What is the meaning of unicorn?
What animal is being referred to by the word "unicorn"?
What is the mind of Jesus Christ?

How can we have "the mind of Christ?"

What is the ministry of death vs. the ministry of life spoken of by Paul?

How may we become related to the "ministry of life"?

What is the month Abib?
What is Abib equivalent to in our calendar?
What is the name of the seven churches in Revelation?
What are the names of these congregations listed in Revelation chapters 2 and 3?
What is the New Jerusalem that comes down from heaven?

You say there will be a Kingdom on the earth but I was always taught there will be a new Jerusalem coming out of heaven .. Revelation 21:2-4. Can you clarify?  

What is the order of events when Jesus returns?


Will you be ready for Christ when he comes again?

What is the prophetic meaning behind blood moons?

Are blood moons merely total lunar eclipses or something more?

What is the purpose of parentheses in the Bible?

Why are parentheses used in some versions?

What is the seal of God?

Does it mean approval or assured salvation or what?

What is the significance of Abib?

Where does it fall in the calendar and why was it changed to Nisan?

What is the significance of Song of Solomon?
What is the deeper meaning of Solomon's Song?
What is the significance of the seven churches in Revelation?
Why are we only told about those churches? Why 7?
What is the significance of the word "sea" in Mark?
Does "sea" have a "deeper" meaning?
What is the story in Revelations about the number 666?
What does the "number of the beast" stand for? Should we care about it today?
What is the third heaven?

What is the third heaven  referred to in 2 Corinthians 12:1-4?

What is the truth in John 8:32?

"What is the truth in John 8:32?"

What is the unforgivable sin?
May we not be pardoned from any and all of our sins?
What is the watcher in the Bible?
Are "Watchers" a special class of angel?
What is the work of a prophet?

Is the work of the prophet to foretell the future only or is there more to it?

What is variance?
What does this word mean in the KJV?
What is written about the history of Ruth?

Is she in the genealogy of some notable Bible figure such as Lot perhaps?

What is your teaching about the Lords Supper?
How and when should it be done?
What language did Adam and Eve speak?
Was it Hebrew?
What mountain did Moses climb?
How many did he climb?
What number judge is Jephthah?
Where does Jephthah fit in the lineage of the Judges of Israel?
What part of Egypt did Moses and the 12 tribes come from?
They came from the eastern portion of the Nile delta.
What passage was the last mention of the Ark of the Covenant?

Was there any mention of how it vanished in the old testament? Might it resurface in the future?
What scriptures outline the qualifications of prophets?

Are there truly Holy Spirit gifted prophets in the world today?

What should we eat? Meat,fish? Or vegetarian?

Are followers of Jesus constrained by any dietary restrictions? Is it okay to drink tea and coffee?

What things will be taken away from Judah?

When was Isaiah's prophecy in 3:1-17 fulfilled?
What time of year was Jesus born?

Was Jesus born on December 25? Does it matter?

What tribes were of Israel and what tribes of Judah?

When God divided the tribes which were with Israel and which were with Judah?
What tribes were of israel and what tribes were of Judah?

Were the 10 tribes of Israel ever really lost?

What was "the great commission"?

What were the Apostles of Jesus commanded to do?

What was Jesus talking about in mark 9 in reference to Elijah?
How could they have "done whatever they wanted to Elijah"?
What was Pilate's wife dream?
Pilate should have listened to his wife!
What was the answer to the riddle Samson posed to the Philistines?

Was it a lion?

What was the forbidden friut Adam and Eve ate in the garden of Eden?
Does it matter what it actually was?
What was the importance of embalming of the body of Jesus?
Were the spices etc. just part of Jewish culture and tradition?
What was the name of the Queen of Sheba?
Did she bear a child to Solomon?
What was the sin of the people of Jericho?
Why did God order them to be destroyed?
What were the functions and characteristics of lsraelite prophets?

Were they same as for New Testament prophets?

What were the priestly duties in the temple or tabernacle?
What did they have to do in the morning and evening?
What were the signs spoken of in Exodus 4:30?

The context answers the question.
What were the sins of Nadab and Abihu?
Why did God slay them?
What word best describes the way Jesus spoke?
He spoke with "Authority"!
What's the difference between the Jews and the gentiles?
Gentiles are people who are not Jews.
What's the difference between worship and adoration?

Are the words "adore" and "adoration" even found in the Bible?
When did Jesus die?
What year was it? Can we know?
When did the flood start?

Do we know the month and year?

When does the first watch start?
What time of day or night does it begin?
When I read the Bible I need help understanding. Can you help?
How do I learn to read the Bible effectively?
When is Jesus' actual birthday?

Is it December 25th?  Does it matter?

When is judging allowed?
What does it mean to "judge" someone?
When is the appropriate time to lead my child to Christ?
Should I bring my 7 year old son to an altar call?
When is the birthday of Jesus?

Does anyone know? Should we care?

When is the month of Abib?

Where does it fit in the modern Hebrew calendar?

When Jesus said to pluck out your eye if it hindered you from gaining the Kingdom, did he mean it?

Did Jesus mean to literally pluck out your eye? 
When Jesus wept what did it mean?

Why did he weep? For himself? For others?

When Moses led the Israelites across the Red Sea did normal Eygptians go with them?
Was it a "mixed multitude" that came out of Egypt?
When reading 2 Samuel 24:1 was it God who told David to go and number Israel?
If so, why did God punish him for doing that?
When referring to Christ and God, why are not the words: he, him his, etc. capitalized?
Are capital letters in the original Bible manuscripts?
When was Jesus born?
Should we celebrate his birth?
When was Jesus buried?

"According to the Jewish calendar and customs when was Jesus buried to be 3 days and 3 nights in the grave in order to arise on the first day of the week. How does the Gregorian calendar fit in with this?"

When was the first Christian baptism?

Did it occur in Acts?  Do the baptisms performed by John count?

When we die should we be buried or cremated or does it matter? "When we die should we be buried or cremated or does it matter?"
When were the moon and the sun created?
How were they created after the light?
When will death be defeated?
Has Jesus done it already or will death only be eliminated at his return?
When will the Universal church be established?

Also: Who's the greatest in the world? It is said in the Bible "we are saved by grace and by means of faith"' so, how can you explain to me the words ''by means of faith''? What's the greatest name of God in the Bible?

where are the dead in adam and eve time "where are the dead in adam and eve time"
Where can a widow in today's generation find a word that speaks to her situation? I've read in Timot "Where can a widow in today's generation find a word that speaks to her situation? I've read in Timothy that a young widow should remarry so that she won't grow wanton against the Lord...but also in Corinthians Paul suggests that being alone in almost a blessing, so that you can give God your all...I guess I'm curious about the fatherless children and if it's better for them to have a whole family or is it best for a young widow stay a widow if she feels that she can make it without a husband."
Where did Abel meet his wife?
Where did the other people come from?
Where did Mary get the alabaster box of precious oil?

How did a simple, sinful woman get such an expensive item?

Where did the wife of Cain come from?

Weren't Adam, Eve, and Cain the only people on earth then?

Where do we read about the boy who saved his family?
The story of Joseph in Genesis parallels the life of Jesus.
Where does God call a child's name in the night three times?
Samuel thought it was the old priest, Eli, calling him.
Where does it say in the Bible not to sing in church?
On the contrary, singing is actively encouraged to sing!
Where does it say to honour your parents so you will have a long and prosperous life?
Does the Bible say this just in the Old Testament or also in the New?
Where does the Bible say that sins against the Holy Spirit are not forgiven?

Aren't all sins forgiveable?

Where else besides at the grave of Lazarus, does Jesus cry?

Did Jesus have occasion to weep frequently? How do we know?

Where in the Bible are the beatitudes?
The Beatitudes are the core of Jesus' "Sermon on the Mount".
Where in the Bible can I find the ten commandments?

In the Old Testament or New Testament?

Where in the Bible does it name Jesus' brother?
Did Jesus have siblings?
Where in the Bible does it prove the kingdom of God will be 1000 years?
Why do we think the kingdom will be a set time period anyway? What happens after the 1000 years?
Where in the Bible does it say no man knows the time except the Father?
Not even Jesus knew the time of the end!
where in the Bible dose it tell and explain of the rapture "where in the Bible dose it tell and explain of the rapture"
Where is canker worm mentioned in the Bible?

What is a "canker worm" anyway?

Where is Mamre?
Mamre is close to Hebron in Israel.
Where is mene, tekel and parsin found in the Bible?
What does it mean?
Where is the Garden of Eden?
Can Eden's location be pinpointed today?
Where is the record of Jesus ascending to heaven? Who saw him go?

Were only the Apostles present at the Ascension or were all the disciples there?

Where is the reference to the house of many mansions? What does it mean?

Is the Father's house heaven?

Where is the scripture about none of Jesus' bones being broken?
Psalm 34 says specifically that none of his bones would be broken.
Where is the verse love conquers all?
This phrase is not in the Bible.
Where is the verse that says "the LORD is my shepherd"?
This verse is the first line of Psalm 23.
Where to read about perfect peace?
How can we have peace with God?
Where were Enoch and Elijah taken?

If they didn't go to heaven, what happened to them?

Which bible are you using?

Should we only be using the KJV?

Which fruit of the spirit best describes Ruth ?
Ruth demonstrated them all, not just one.
White clothes meaning in Revelation 3.18
What is the symbolism of being clothed in white?
Who according to the Bible is considered to be the first prophet?
Abel was first followed by Enoch.
Who are Hymenaeus and Alexander?

They appear in 1 Timothy 1:20.

Who are the 'Watchers' in Daniel 4:13,17?

Are they God's angel's or the devil's?
Who are the apostles in the first century?
Here is a listing of the 12 apostles.
Who are the daughters of men and the sons of God in Genesis 6?

Are the "sons of God" angels?


Who are the descendants of Ishmael in today's world?
Are there any descendants of Ishmael left in the world?
Who are the God fearing?
Why should we fear God?
Who are the idols of Canaan?

Idols have no existence except in the perverted imaginations of their worshipers.

Who are the parents of Moses?
Are they named?
Who are the Pharisees?
The Pharisees were a powerful set of teachers and students.
Who are the real Jews?
Does the term Jew rightly belong to all of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?
Who are the Sadduccees?

The most powerful level of Jewish society were the Sadducees.
Who are the Samaritans?

Are they Jews or Gentiles?

Who are the sons of God in Genesis chapter 6?

Are they fallen angels?

Who are the twelve tribes of Israel?
How does a Jew know which tribe he is from?
Who are the wild vines?
Are they Christians?
Who did Jesus target this parable's teaching towards-scripture chapter and verse NKJV "Who did Jesus target this parable's teaching towards-scripture chapter and verse NKJV"
Who helped Jesus to carry his cross?

Who was he? Where was he from? Why was he in Jerusalem?

Who is a possible author of Hebrews?
Did Paul write the letter to the Hebrews?
Who is Daniel?
How important is he in the Bible?
Who is Esther?
How important is Esther in the Bible?
Who is Issachar?
There are two Issachars in the Bible.
Who is James?

That depends on which one you mean.

Who is Jesus Christ. Is Jesus God. Is God Jesus and the Holy Spirit is one. "Who is Jesus Christ. Is Jesus God. Is God Jesus and the Holy Spirit is one."
Who is Jesus? "Who is Jesus?"
Who is Melchizedek?
Where does this name occur in the Bible and why is this character important?
Who is Methuselah?
Was he a good man?
Who is Paul?
Who is Puah in the bible?

How many Puahs are there?

Who is Sanballat?
What was his role?
Who is the 'Night Monster' in Isaiah 34:14?

What is translated "night monster" in the ASV and NASB translations?

Who is the archangel Michael in Jude?

How many other archangels are there in the Bible?

Who is the lady named Noah?
Was there really a woman named "Noah" in the Bible?
Who is the senior angel in heaven?
Is it Michael, Gabriel, or another angel?
Who Jesus and who is God "Who Jesus and who is God"
Who made evil?
Who is responsible - the devil, God, us?
Who received Aaron's rod?
Whatever happened to the contents of the Ark of the Covenant?
Who said these words “ for there is no man doublethink any thing in secret and he himself seeketh t "Who said these words “ for there is no man doublethink any thing in secret and he himself seeketh to be known openly if thou do these things shew thyself to the word”"
Who was David?
Why is David so important in the Bible - even the New Testament?
Who was Gehazi?
He was Elisha's servant.
Who was Joseph's father?
Which Joseph? There are more than one.
Who was Junia?
How much is known about her?
Who was Levi?
Levi was the son of Jacob and the patriarch of the priestly tribe.
Who was Lileth?


Was she really Adam's first wife?

Who was Melchizedek?

How is he related to the Lord Jesus Christ?

Who was Moses' mother?
Was she ever named?
Who was paul "Who was paul"
Who was the disciple who Jesus said would not die until his second coming?
Did Jesus really say that?
Who was the first Christian in Europe?

Who was the first disciple to reach Europe?
Who was the first idol worshipper? "who started the worship of idol?"
Who was the first person baptized and when?
The first person who was baptized in the full Christian meaning of the term was Jesus himself.
Who was the first prophet in the Bible?

How far back does active prophecy go?

Who was the last person Jesus helped before he went to the cross?

What was his final miracle of healing before died and rose again?

Who was the man later called Israel?

Where did the name Israel come from? What does it mean?

Who were Moses' mother and father? "Who were Moses' mother and father?"
Who were the 5 daughters of Zelophehad?

Where in the Bible can I find this information?

Who were the 8 kings of Judah?
Were there only 8 kings of Judah?
Who were the Apostles in the New Testament?

Were there only 12?  More?

Who were the children of Adam?
Cain, Abel, and who else?
Who were the descendants of Nod into whose family Cain married?
Is Nod a nation of people or just a place? Is that where Cain found his wife?
Who were the Essenes?
Were Jesus and James members?
Who were the first Evangelists?
The first true "evangelists" appeared in the Old Testament.
Who were the four angels at the beginning of creation?
No names or numbers of angels present at creation are given.
Who were the most noted mothers of the Bible?
We can think of almost a dozen!
who were the old testament people that were idol worshipers who were medallions to show who they wor "who were the old testament people that were idol worshipers who were medallions to show who they worship"
Who were the Pharisees?

What was their religious belief and what were their customs?
Who wrote 2nd Samuel?

Didn't Samuel die in 1st Samuel?

Who wrote the Bible?

Do we know the specific authors?

Whose idea was it to kill Jesus?
Was it the Romans or the Jewish authorities?
Why did God caused to a deep sleep to fall upon Adam?
This is in Genesis 2:21.
Why are Christians not one body in Christ?
Why is the church so disunited?
Why are the churches not concerned about finding the ark of the covenant?

Is the Ark of the Covenant of any importance to Christians today?

Why are there two distinct accounts of human creation in Genesis?
Are the two accounts irreconcilably different?
Why cut off the big toe and thumb of a captive?


That seems like a barbaric practice.

Why did Abraham leave the land of Haran?
What was the motivation for his journey?
Why did Adam disobey God?
Why did he choose Eve over God?
Why did David’s heart smite him?
What was the cause of his guilty feelings?
Why did God allow Hosea to marry a whore?
What was he trying to teach Israel?
Why did God allow Job to suffer so much?

"Why did God allow Job to suffer so much?"

Why did God allow Job to suffer so much?

"Why did God allow Job to suffer so much?"

Why did God choose Jeremiah when he was unwilling?

Why did Jeremiah not want the mission God had planned for him?

Why did God command Israel to kill women and children?
How can such a command be justified?
Why did God create the tree of good and evil in the garden Of Eden?


What was the purpose of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

Why did God kill Uzzah when he put his hand on the Ark to steady it?

Was this unfair to poor Uzzah? After all, he was only trying to help, wasn't he?

Why did God love Job even though he kept talking badly about God?

If God loved Job why did He afflict Job with so much suffering?

Why did God set up offerings animal sacrifice?
What was the purpose of the various offerings and animal sacrifices?
Why did God tell Adam to replenish the earth ?

Was there a pre-Adamic creation that had been destroyed?

Why did Jesus said at the cross it,s done "Why did Jesus said at the cross it,s done"
Why did Jesus speak in parables?
Why didn't he just come out and say things plainly?
Why did Jesus tell His disciples not to let anyone know who he was in Luke 9:21?
Why was it premature for him to reveal himself as Messiah at that time?
Why did Jonah say,
Jonah 4:3 Why was Jonah so upset?
Why did Lucifer rebel against God?


Who is Lucifer, really?

Why did Moses not make it to the Promised Land?
What did Moses do to deserve such punishment?
Why did Paul persecute the church?
Paul the Apostle did not persecute the church. Saul of Tarsus did!
Why did Paul refuse to circumise Titus but then had Timothy circumcised later?
Wasn't his action contradictory?
Why did the angel of God want to kill Moses?

What had Moses done to warrant such punishment?

Why did the transfiguration happen? Are Moses and Elijah really still alive?
Why do angels wear white?
What is the significance of white?
Why do did the Romans consent to the crucifixion of Jesus?
Why did they care about what Jesus taught?
Why do preachers use the word rapture when its not mentioned anywhere in the Bible?
Is even the concept of the so-called "Rapture" in the Bible?
Why do we have to love Jesus more than our own children?
Why must we put Christ and his Father's Kingdom first in our lives?
Why does creation wait for the manifestation of the sons of God?

Who are these sons of God anyway?

Why does the Bible refer to wisdom and the word as she?
Shouldn't it be a male pronoun?
Why does the Catholic Bible have more books?

Are there books missing from the Protestant Bible?

Why is David so important?

Did he do more than slay Goliath?

Why is Jesus called son of Man and Son of God?

How can he be both?

Why is Jesus called the son of David?

Why is David so significant?

Why is Revelation written in parables or signs?
Why didn't John write straightforwardly?
Why is the Bible filled with so much violence, sexism, and promotion of slavery? Aren't Jesus and the Bible supposed to be about love?
Why is the Bible important to Christians?
Is the Bible obsolete now that we have Christ?
Why is the Bible so confusing?

Can I ever hope to understand it?

Why is the sin against the Holy Spirit unforgivable and a sin against god is not?

What is the unforgivable sin anyway?

Why was Aaron stripped of his garments?
What was the significance of removing his priestly garments at his death?
Why was Abel's scarfice accepted and Cain's rejected?

Didn't both of them try their best?

Why was Cain's sacrifice unacceptable to God, was it because it wasn't a blood sacrifice? "Why was Cain's sacrifice unacceptable to God, was it because it wasn't a blood sacrifice?"
Why was David a "man after God's own heart"?

How can this be considering David's behaviour and way of life?

Why was God not pleased with Cain's offering?
Why was Cain rejected and Abel accepted?
Why was Isaac beloved and not Ishmael?

Ishmael was Abraham's son too. Hagar was his wife, wasn't she?

Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem?
Why wasn't he born somewhere else, such as Jerusalem, for example?
Why was Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem right?

Wasn't it a demonstration of pride?

Why was Joseph sold by his brothers?

What connection has this with Jesus?

Why was Pharaoh's heart hardened?
Why wouldn't he let the people go? Did God harden his heart? Was that fair?
Why was Silas a better partner for Paul at this stage of his career than Barnabas? "Why was Silas a better partner for Paul at this stage of his career than Barnabas?"
Why was Timothy chosen to join Paul's team? "Why was Timothy chosen to join Paul's team?"
Why were Adam and Eve ashamed of being naked?

Was there more to the story explained elsewhere in the Bible?

Why were people buried in tombs instead of graves in Jesus' day?
Actually, graves as we know them were the norm. Tombs were, as today, for the rich.
Why were the eunuch, the illigitimate son, the Egyptian not allowed in the congregation?
Why were they kept out? Their condition was not their fault was it?
Why were the high places not removed in 2 Chronicles 15:17?

How could Asa be considered a righteous king if he left places of idol worship standing in Judah?

Why were there two kingdoms, Israel and Judah?

Why did God cause the united Kingdom of Israel to divide into two separate nations?

Will I finally have peace "Will I finally have peace"
will we recognize our loved ones in heavin "will we recognize our loved ones in heavin"
Women will be saved through child bearing. What does this mean? Isn't salvation for both men and women through faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
Worship in spirit and truth - what does it mean?
It means understanding and commitment, action and enthusiasm, knowledge and love.